Wednesday, August 25, 2010

rain rain go away...mamas brain is fryin!

Days like these make me just want to nap all day....gloomy, rainy, no sun...totally stinks. But the upside is that its a bit cooler outside so I dont need to run the AC.
Feeling just "bla" I guess. Madie is doing Ok. she is surprisingly being very good for mama with the occasional meltdown but otherwise tolerant of everyday happenings..
Hubby is working long days and leaving the house about 6am and coming back about 730pm...and I guess this is going to be the work weeks for the next 3-5 years of however long this huge dig is going to take...
Pretty much already feeling the wrath of the long days with Madie having to entertain her and not having dinner till late..although I am not one to have piping hot dinner waiting on the table for my Usually just wing dinner..Sadly hubby has a limited menu...and I am always wanting to try new foods..go figure.
Well anyhoo...
yeah, Its been a long few days. Slow days. rainy days. Watched some IFC movie (independent film channel) with Anne Hathaway in it...a character out of her usual..playing a teen who runs off with drug dealers...hey boys, you get to see her boobs...LOL Its called Havoc...Pretty heavy movie..pretty BAD. I am a geek who loved her in those dang princess movies and devil wears prada...hahaha She is just like able and pretty :)
I also love really twisted dramas...or based on true story kinda movies..scary ones! and the classic horror movies...well maybe not too classic..Texas Chainsaw, The old Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis when she wasn't doing Activa, Night of the living dead, The Omen, Exorcist, or the old movies where you get the ditsy girl in her knee highs and underwear running from the killer cracks me up. We used to have an on demand on our old TV with a channel called Fear net and Ohhhh boy the bad horrors on that channel! I LOVED IT!
Kinda strange coming from a gal who suffers bad anxiety attacks huh??
yeah so now you know that about me..
Hubster and I have been to the theater maybe 3 times since madie was born. TOTALLY behind in my new movies but I do really enjoy waiting till they come to pay per view and watching them then. or the 7 dollar DVD pile at Target whichever comes first..HA.

Madie has been an Angel today. Dunno what suddenly makes her sleepy at times when i dont see a seizure and she suddenly is just ready to crash... I have a horrible suspicion that she is having Absence Seizures...maybe I just dont realize it. Maybe time for an EEG since things seem to be going I know the doc would do it but would Insurance do it??
Madie is also getting super heavy. and mamas back and arms are paying the price with the weight gain for sure. Dunno how much she weighs cause I dont want to see how much I WEIGH...but It has to be over 30 pounds..
then again some days she just wants nothing to do with her foods...she is just not hungry...that may also explain the sleepiness...but what can I do?? she wont eat she wont eat. Not going to force the kid and watch her puke up all her foods...*sigh.
Then will come a big stinky and she will spring to life...Trickster!!
Ok enough about that..
Hope everyone is having a great week and hangin in there. Cant wait for Preschool to start too!! I miss madies teachers so much! Well also I haev to admit I miss the mornings off as well...

Till Next time.
HEY am I the only one in the world Hooked on that show The Gates?? Hahahaha probably huh? its pretty bad but I cant stop watching!!

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