Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Day.

Busy Day today..well actually more getting out of the house than usual..such a gorgeous day!!

She was so funny with her feet she always had them in her cute

Just some random pictures to share. she was sure a fussy subject you would never guess the crying fits she had inbetween pictures..hahaha

She is wide awake as I type..rolling her tounge and playing with dad and getting herslelf into all kinds of pretzel kid positions except crawling or standing!

Took Madie to Barnes and Nobles books and then to the grocery then she was sleepy..and we were stuck in traffic the whole way home there was 2 accidents on the main rd home..nothin like sitting in traffic worrying that your oven roaster chicken is spoiling in the trunk! hahah
Then after about an hour nap I took her to the farmstand and we got some corn and cucumbers..YUM. All in all a good day. Seizures? Well who was counting...really was taking a break from paying any mind to them. :)
have a great weekend folks. :)

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