Saturday, April 10, 2010

A new Chapter on Seizure meds...

There it was...a little brown box right in my mailbox.
It took me 10 minutes sitting in front of her with the med all crushed up in her food to even give her the first bite. I wanted to cry. MORE meds...will this be the one I ask myslef with EACH one we "try" I hate that this drug is even somewhat related to Clonopin due the bad effects of that drug but I have been reassured that it is in fact not nearly like clonopin.
I want to begin going down on the Banzel if we see good things from this one as well. Im am giving it 2 weeks...seriously I mean any longer just seems dumb. Ok so maybe a week...dunno yet. Today as I jinks myself she has only had 4 drops. I can argue till I am red in the face with doctors when they suggest that MAYBE things are working together..and I say well if the OTHER one worked ya think we would be trying THIS one??
SO yup, the ball is offically rollin on Clobazam.

In other news I am beginning a new health kick at least trying to eat better...take my Paxil and eat better. Im just a mess. Doctor was not impressed with my weight gain and says that since I have high chollesterol she worries about me. This is extreamly hard with my love for cooking.... and Thai did not help my cause eaiter when I had high blood pressure as well when I came in from being so nervous...ugh
Ill keep ya posted on that maybe get some good laughs at my struggle to eat healthy and loose some pounds.
Why cant I just have a natural love for veggies?

Madie is sleepy this AM and I dunno what to blame for it...she woke laughing in her bed..wide eyed and ready to go. Has been in a foul mood all morning with one small pebble of a poo. Consipation does not need to strike when I am trying to watch for ill effets and seizures! ugh. she keeps cat-napping on the floor..not liking her mood this AM..
Well I guess that is all for now..hubby is home with grocerys..having a grillin and chillin tomorrow. whaa hoo!!


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bluee19 said...

I was wondering if your daughter tried the ketogenic diet. My daughter had seizures and no medicine helped. We started the ketogenic diet, its a high in fat diet and low carbs, and it took about two to three months until she had seizure control. I think there are some seizures that she has but its not the obvious ones she use to have. She would turn to the left, arms stiffen up, cry, and would continue for 15 minutes or so. We don't know if its the diet or stem cell therapy but what ever it was, we are glad for some seizure control. The ketogenic diet, there are meal plans or formula. My daughter takes the formula, she can't eat solid foods. Hope I didn't tell you something you already know. Take care and good luck with everything. I hate seizures with all my heart. Everyday, I am watching my daughter like a hawk, wondering if she is going to seize.

Take care,
Nicole from CA