Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going Down on Clobazam and Oven Roasters..yup together!!

Talked to Nurse from Neuro for quiet a bit today and I was telling her how my little giggles is just not so much little giggles lately..very irritable..
The Frustrating thing is that she has been having Tonic Seizures more Drops! HUH??
Soooo we are keeping all the other meds the same but lowering the Clobazam to half of a half...this may be tricky to break into such small pices being that its a soft pill..but Ill give it a whiiirrrlll
I also have to make a point to do meds at the same times! Like I feed her at about 715 in the AM and maybe I should wait till 715 in the PM to feed her as all her crushed meds at the same and evening..
I was feeding her about 6pm just becasue I like to have her all settled and done with her feeding and sometimes when hubby and I go out I like to have her all fed before sitters come etc etc.. then I can just focus on eaither making dinner for Hubby and I or just getting into the old jammies and realxing...just dont want to be feeding her at 8pm...ehhh just me... SO Im going to try that as well..or at least for now. maybe that will help with seizures as well..ya never know anymore with this junk! My work day begins at 645 and ends at 8 if ya ask me!

Oven Roasted Chicken.

Heres a big ol Chicken I am going to make that I will have to eat on my own cause hubby doesnt like meat things...
BOY is it
Barefoot Contessa made it..:)
One 5-6 pound roaster chicken Perdue or Store Brand..
one fresh garlic
one fresh lemon
eh..4-5 springs of Thyme
small bag of carrots peeled cut into chunks (1 pounder) or you can just get the big bag if you want to eat carrots for
one onion
One bulb of Fennel (have made without and is just as good...Fennel is weird)
cup of chicken broth (or nothing if you dont want to add more salt...will make own jucies too...
S and P

rinse roaster inside and out and pat dry
brush light coat of butter on chicken and salt and pepper it
Cut lemon into wedges and stuff inside bird
Cut WHOLE garlic or you can break up into cloves..stuff into bird I used half of the thing..depending on garlic preferacne
Break up or just stuff in Thyme stems inside bird
Put 1 cup chicken broth, rough chopped onion, Fennel and carrots into a roaster pan or dutch oven pan..( I use my dutch oven pan
Salt and pepper
Add Bird on top of mixture nice and cozy
tuck wings under bird to avoid the little buggers burning..

Oven to 375 for an hour and half. Think Chicken has directions according to pounds..may be 350...doh.
Take Chicken out and let sit for about 20 min while you can put veggies back into oven for that time to carmalize them...

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blogzilly said...

The post made me frustrated that the seizures don't seem to be getting better and it made me hungry at the end. Sorry, no lunch and I totally lost my focus.