Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feeling Better and a Bum Foot. gah!

Ohh little Madie. Slowly getting over her cold..slowly beginning to not sleep the day away..this mama is going bonkers trying to figure out juust the right dose of meds that don't make her too sleepy. I try not to say that I have given up on this fight against seizures only cause I remember way back when it took about a month for us to get the Valproric Acid right.

I am still determined to get her off her Banzel as well. Did it work? dunno. Drop seizures were horrible..15-20 a day maybe more that we may have not been able to spot.

*sigh. dontcha just feel like I am repeating all this over and over... maybe cause nothing has happened! ahhh!! Still giving the ol Clobazam a chance and not much else to report.
Well Madie is a great reach and grabber..she mouths anything she gets in her hands I try to keep her vibrating teether nearby when she begins to bite her she loves that thing and wil even hold it and bring it to her mouth which is so cool!it has a small rattle on one end and when you shake it she puts her hands out for it..
She loves loves tub tub time and the warm water.. I am trying to show her she can splash..although I may regret teaching her that in the future..haha she pats her hands together above the water lightly hitting it and making small splashes..then I encourage her hands to splash up and down..she loves it :) The baby tub came with a series of cups with holes in them and she loves for the water to be poured on her hands putting her hands out for the water as well.

She is all over her blankets..rolling and falling over but catching herself SOMETIMES and then it shifts where she was sitting..still not grasping what I call "the fall zone" when she gets a tad bit too close to the wood floor sitting tall.
Had a great day Saturday when the weather hit near 70...we went to lunch with family and then went and looked at Kayaks and Canoes...the place across the way had a big show going on trying to pitch sales for all these latest and greatest things..I never knew that a canoe can run nearly 3 grand! whew! It was fun to sit in them and marvel at how much the cost and jokingly saying that madie can sail in the small
A dangerous place for my father in law who already has a boat at the better run that sale by the boss first! (meaning Mrs V!)
Well all in all it was a great day spent outside and it was hard to believe that it was going to be 30 degrees cooler on Sunday (today). It rained alot today but remained mild.. Went to the grocery store and fought thru the mob scene and other than that hangin out at home with my bum foot.
Sprained my Ankle....WALKING!! Im such a klutz...totally stumbled and my ankle bent outwards and snapped. woke this AM with a golf ball in my ankle..doh.
Wrapped my foot up all day and iced it and now I can say it feels a hell of alot better and when I finally gain feeling on the side of my foot Im out walkin again!

Well I guess I better relax now..see what is on the dumb dumb box and get under the blankets. Madie put up a fight and did not eat her bottle tonight so it MAY be an early morning...

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