Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is in the Air :)

Oh my Sweet Girl how she loves outside! This weather is expected to continue thru the weekend. These weekends I wish we were at the beach cottage or oh man!

N0 real news on the meds yet..> I have begun to lower her dose as of Tuesday night n and have seen no ill effects. Can a med make seizures worse?? With every med leaving our world with great joy we always see some improvement in her mood..if only we saw improvemt with these dang drops she has..although they are nagging (usually in the morning) thru the day they get better...I am trying real hard to keep track as I wein her down from her Banzel...we can only see....

I got so many sweet pictures of her!! hee hee the best time when the sun is low and casting shadows makes such great pictures!

But hey, Madie is just beautyfull....hee hee. How in the world she does that with her arms I will never know...she was full of vocalizations as well so funny! I have heard a new noise of BBBBah BBah bah BBBB lots of B's sounds so funny and her famous snorts and "bvvv bvvvv" my favorite has to be her new noise sometimes it almost sounds like words. cuteset in her little voice.

Things remain calm in the house. No meltdowns lately since last Sat..knock on wood...just keep adding some Olive oil or Karo Syrup to her food and keeps the plumbing poor kid!
Well this weekend we are excited to enjoy the 70 plus degrees and the first day of Allergy Season..oh I mean Spring!

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