Monday, November 16, 2009

sicky mc sickerson

Oh Madison. What a cold you have. congestion central over here. she woke with a horrific sounding cough! Had a fever of almost 102 yesterday but so far today she is in a good mood but those boogies....yuck. Each time she sneezes...well you know the
I am thank full that she slept well last night with her vaporizer on and her baby chest rub on her chest..mmm that stuff smell so good..
Its the baby stuff so they have some added lavender etc..
I am only worried that all this mucus will lead its way to her ears..BUT she has never really been prone to ear eh...dunno.Debate on calling the pedi..I mean she will probably tell me to do what I am already doing eh? Colds are Colds..

I can still get her lil stuffy head to laugh this morning and poor sounds so funny! Just STAY a cold and no more fevers and we'll be OK.

This mama spend the weekend in Niantic as well. ditching hubby and madie for a couple nights...My mother in law was having her friends there and it was kinda a ladies weekend. fun stuff. Great to get away and chat with adults and eat yummy food and chat away. good laughs as well. Oh how I need those! From her girlfriend who always has to wear two pairs of socks to the one who threatened to go run the beach nude...It was great. (and no she did not do that)
Well...Its a mild day in CT getting into the 60's...quite odd for Nov....but hey, its great!
I am off to store today to get Madie her scripts and some chicken soup stuff...homemade baby! No exceptions! Gotta get my sick kids better!(yes, hubby is one of he is at work now after getting up at oh...5 some-thing after staying up to watch the Pats he is suffering. Dayquil and I told him that some soup is on menu tonight. Its healing I tell ya.
ME? well supermom is trying all she can not to get sick. Ohhh please....
Keep my hands clean and my vitamins going...and can only hope illness does not strike.
Hoping that Madie takes some good naps and eats her fruits and veggies today so she can get strong.Is that saying "feed a cold starve a fever"?
An easy week for school with two early release days....I will play it by ear. But I imagine she will be OK by Wed...yah?
Hope everyone is well...check out the handsome Bennett..never mind that surgery! he looks so grown up in his pic his dad posted!
Im still workin on catching up on some other blogs but ALSO keep Reagan in your happy thoughts...ohhh this sweet girl...hangin tight. Lets get better! Hope she can get off of that Topamax! I hated that drug! No good! Happy late B-day to her warrior mommy as well.
Stay Healthy everyone!
PS great chatting with Cami's mom as we watched Taylor Swift sweep the CMAs as well. hee hee.

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