Friday, November 20, 2009

Lysol Wipes and the latest. :D

The weekend at LAST!
Sicky Mc Sickerson has been getting better...well OK, she is coughing at night but generally in a good mood during the day. But what a nasty cold!
Me? I am trying not to get sick...constantly washing my hands and wiping things with bacterial wipes and lysol...SUCKS.
Miles was complaining of flu like symptoms as well. NOW Ok....I should be nursing my husband back to health right? OH GAWD...he is the biggest baby when he is sick. lays around and watches TV moaning that his throat hurt...Oh man. I tell ya. The men in our lives would be helpless creatures. SO in the meantime I am trying to clean everything and take care of madie and do laundry and ugh....where is my supermom cape????
BUT ITS OVER! We have all made it thru! Hubby is back at work and madie has been going to preschool.

I wait anxiously to see if I too will become sick..but so far....well I don't want to jinks things... wash wash hands are so dry! Doesn't help that I have this nagging drippy nose..HELLO GERMS! come thru my nose will ya!? Like a big sign for germs that says "enter here"

Well in news...Madie is so far enjoying Preschool and they absolutely love her there! The other children are such good helpers with her and love to push her stroller and help her with projects and play. The other moms say that their kids come home and talk about helping madison...just touches my heart :)!
We have had a few scribbles come home that I am hanging on my pantry door for all to see as well..LOL well Alot of "hand over hand" scribbles... but SHOWING her none the less...
The other moms and I went to have breakfast the other day as was nice. Tryiing my darnedest to bond with these women but its competitive this whole "Mommy Society" everyone is always comparing how well their kids do in this an that..I dont really have stories like that...
Madie continues to Drop Seize..SO ANNOYING!!!
Neurology called me back about a week after I called them...and Dr wants to increase the 100mg in the AM and this wil be the grand total of 500mg per day total! we have been at 200 and 200 and now we add 1/2 tab each time....
Have yet to do that.
Well as far as her other meds she is still staying the talks of lowering her Depakine...which was kinda what I was hoping for...UGH.
I have a huge hunch that these "drops" are currently leaving madie at a plateau. These ugly seizures dont want our kids to move forward! I hate hate them.
Nothing I can do. and I hate to see madie trying sooo hard to get there...she gets herself into a frog position...pushing with those arms and knees...OMG its so funny! I think if we just keep workin her...keep on keep on...SHE WILL get there..but slowly.
She has become so much more I get close to her and she reaches out for me..or she puts both arms out when she wants to be picked up..when you walk past her without picking her up she crys..LOL she KNOWS!
She has been eating OK lately..doesnt help that her lil nose is clogged but I suspect that will improve when she is feeling better..
She is 27 Pounds now! getting there! (did i tell you that already?)
Feeling heavy on mamas back...! Certainly getting that "I want and dont want" thing down! crazy!

I have to admit that I enjoy dressing her up for school...a far cry from her over washed leggins and T's :)
mama spent like 50 bucks at Gymboree....BUT BUT got a 25 coupon back! SO THERE! LOL
Hope everyone has a great weekend and OH man TURKEY is coming soon! but Ill blog before then.
Please Please Keep Lil Reagan in your prayers...that her tum tum feels better and she can eat ok again. :(

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