Friday, October 2, 2009

Hello Banzel G-bye Zonegran!

Well I just wanted to say quick this Am that the intro to Banzel SO FAR is going just fine. We began Wed morning and I was already hesitant as I tried to crush thru the "candy coating" shell of a pill..not too easy! better get one of those pill crusher thingies...ya know...LOL
Anyhooo Wed Am she was kinda grumpy..her cheeks were flushed from her teething and I was wondering if it was from her teething or the med..dontcha love that our childrean cant tell us! Anyhooo she was kinda warm that morning I did not take her temp casue she eneded taking a small nap and woke OK..ehh..
Later that day we headed to Grandmas house to say Hi..she was in Ok spirits still having her flushed cheeks and seemed kinda sleepy..but OK.
Grandma got her this great Lamze toy a little princess with a krinkle skirt that is all different textures and colors..and madie LOVES Krinkle! hahah it was a hit she grabbed it and ate it and squished it and lifted it above her was cute. by 2pm she was tuckered out and napped pretty good.
Now they (genius doctors) tell me that Banzel will take effect against her drop seizures in 2 weeks...IF IT WORKS..
We all know how that goes.
Zonegran wein was quick and painless..she was on such a low dose I did not think much of it really..:)by the way.

Thursday morning I took it upon myself to lower her Depakene by half ML..Ok Ok so I know I am no doctor but we initally increased beacuse we wanted to see if it would stop her drops..well it did not...why not take it down a notch and give her some awake time..specially if she is going to be pumped with her 100mg of banzel in the Am as well...
I just hate too much medicine...why be on more than we have too...please no hate
A funny think about her seizures..she tends to always fall to the left...has a black and blue on her noggin to prove it..dunno if that has any meaning or not..also holds her right wrist alot. ..and the hands in the mouth are just insane!! the drool and the sticky fingers..kinda gross really..she pulls her bibs off hating that tightness around her neck (which is quite amusing when she gets mad at her bib)
She hates laying down unless she is going to sleep..always sitting..
She was doing some great weigh bearing in her legs yesterday and I was trying to encourage her to hold onto the bar of her noisy box..she actually put her hands on it but was by no means holding herself up without my support..but it was cool :)

Madison has generally been in a good mood. Jerks..aka drop attacks.."modified" spasms..whatever the heck ya want to call them..still insist on nabbing my big girl sitter. She has such a great strait and tall! lol now lets get that STAND!
I guess that is all from me..if anything earth shattering happends I let ya know. :)
Heading to a town fair this weekend with hopes it doesnt rain! Also Hubby and I celebrated an Anniversary yesterday...a grueling FOUR whole years...LOL
Tonight I hope to get a sitter and go out for a nice dinner...cant complain so far with the dozen gorgeous white roses!
Hugs mamas. and Dads :)


Holli said...

I'm really hoping the Banzel does Madie well. And yes, you should invest in a pill crusher! Makes preparing the Banzel so much easier. I think mine is called a "pill pulverizer"! lol

So happy she's still the big girl sitter!

Reagan Leigh said...

I agree. The pill crusher is a life saver! I can't even imagine trying to crush Banzel without it! Maddie looks like such a big girl now! Maybe it's just that she sits up so straight and tall? With those cheeks, you'd never guess she's a picky eater!!