Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tub Tubs and new meds.

Miss tara madies therapist found us this seat for the tub...runs pretty cheap little ring seat but the front opens and I can sit her in without a struggle and snap her right in.
She cried when I took her out..LOL

Well I was hoping for some humble opinions about my last post..that preschool visit was rough for sure..
I may sound hokey but i want to cry looking at these pictures...to me she is the most beautyful little girl..she is so happy in her new seat with so much more room for her legs to extend and she touches the water and sticks her little tounge out for my pictures..I absolutly love these moments.

.........we begin Banzel tomorrow...I do not want to give her Banzel...in my heart I am saying that I need to TRY banzel..but I am aslo so scared she will be so drugged up and her eyes will be hazy all day..:( I will NOT let meds take her sparkle...if she is too drugged I STOP it no questions asked.

100mg (half a pill) in the Am and Pm.. 200mg per day. to begin.
These dang drop seizures are just bad ...there was no denying that her EEG was bad..I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!
Zonegran wein was sucessfull as well....she is on one drug for ONE day! woo hoo!
Oh my baby angel...I feel sad tonight...and anxious...Sad for my Madie and more drugs but about my brother in law breaking up with his girlfriend of 5 years whom we have all grown to love as a member of our family....and baked the most amazing cakes!Missing hubby as well...but also numb to his travels...a week and a half he has been away...I keep on moving..somehow.
Madie was up at 230 am last night for reasons unknown and crying...hope she sleeps tonight..she crashed at 730pm tonight.
Keep all the lil ones in your prayers...Reagan you have a lovely new therapy room!!
Hugs mamas and Dads :)

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