Thursday, October 22, 2009

3 year check ups. :D

Heading to the Pediatrician today for madies 3 year check up..
Last time I was there I was told that madie was in the 5th percentile as far as weight goes and was given the GI doctors name, instructions to schedule a Barium study,feeding therapy instructions, and the new found Pediasure$$$$$ Diet...
SO much was on my plate already and NOW I had to worry about my child growing!!
Well its been awhile and my Madie has come forward..I am dying to know exactly how much she weighs with high hopes of a good weight gain!
I am still skeptical of this Banzel..sometimes I may just look to far into she doesnt seem to want to sit as much...she CAN still sit but doesn't get up as fast as she used to when she fell...should I worry about that? is it the Banzel or the fact that she is still having her drops?? whoooo knows! I will NOT let anything take away her achievements! NO SIR! And if Banzel is the culprit then so be it. bye bye banzel....
I have to give the drug one more week and see if her jerks continue...which I am sadly certain will...dunno...(hubby just loves my glass half empty mood)
Oh shoot...I gotta get madie fed and we gotta go..bout 20 minutes to be continued...:)
Just a small update..Seriously folks I waited in the Pediatrician for an HOUR! if not an hour and 15! whew! for a 20 minute check up!! GAWD!
Madison was SOOO good! Such a big girl sitting on the paper table which she always hates! LOL But But only cried when they lay her down to measure her and examine I cant complain..I fed her a bottle in the waiting room so her tum tum was full as well :)
Madie is in overall good issues...meaning nothing other than seizures that I can complain about along with her delays..
She was 96cm and 26 pounds! FINALLY on the charts with her weight! about in the 6th-10th percentile! EEK! BUT I explained that her new love for her baby food is recient and we are stiiiil workin on it. I have hopes!
Keep goin with the foods and Pediasure and keep her posted on anything the Nuero changes with her meds etc etc..she was really nice..but in a rush. I hate that.
The other Pediatrican that is usually there with her was out on maternity she was flyin solo. it was busy.
I left feeling OK feeling that we are moving in the right direction and that well I have a happy child. :) Healthy and Happy sweetpea.
She looks right now beside me on the floor as I type on the laptop like she wants to crawl...its the funniest thing..up on those knees..still allllwyas sitting pretty.
Tomorrow is the big first day of preschool...its so hard to belive that madie is old my mind she is such a baby! Her new backpack is all packed..she has Nooooo Idea! HA.
This weekend we head to Mass to see Auntie Jennica...My sister for a few days and enjoy some of her boyfriends mothers home cookin. They are such awesome people I cant wait to see them Ill stay till they kick me out...LOL

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