Friday, September 11, 2009

Hyp Hyp HooooooRAY!

EEG was still abnormal but no Hypsarrhythmia.

It only took em 2 weeks.
Abnormal in what way? Well she still "jerks" and those do show up.
But Jesus, talk about nerve racking! I do not know what we will be instructed to do as far as meds go now..I have been just too distracted to go to blood work which I will promptly do on MONDAY!! then when we see where her Depakene levels are we can go from there. No word on weining off Zonegran yet...patience patience.
Wel speaking of patience..I got a grumpy hungry kid nearby who needs to be fed..
I feel like making a cake!! Mmmmmm Apple Cake.

Ill blog after the weekend...maybe going to cottage for a night to get away...although it may be rainy and yuck outside. :(
Then come Monday Hubby is GLUED to the football game. LOL
Ok ok Ok Comming Madie!


blogzilly said...

I read and re-read and still am not sure, is this good news or not as good news? I've never understood the hyps versus no-hyps angle.

Reagan Leigh said...

Definitely good. No hypsarrhythmia is always a good thing. I can't believe you had to wait that long for the results though. You sure are patient...I would have been calling every day! Now you should be able to relax and have a good weekend!

Miles said...

Like Reagan said, no hypsarrhythmia is good. Basically means the spasms have not returned like we feared. Any other kind of seizure is easier to "control" than those dang spasms!