Tuesday, September 15, 2009

EEG's comfort soup and preschool..yup all in one!

My little baby with all her fingers and toes..perfect baby.
She still is in our eyes.
Madie did some great work with her PT yesterday bearing all her weight into her legs by her noisy box and at one point even put an arm out to hold onto the side! of course being held with support but she sure seemed proud of herself. She is certainly growing...getting heavy on this mamas back as she just loves to be carried. loved the perspective of being UP UP with mama as i walk thru the house with her talking to her about what I am doing..lol I hope all my words are sinking in! I try to talk to her alot and let her know what I am doing etc etc. Hmmm neva know.
Next week we are going to Cherry Brook Elm with Miss Tara. madies OT to have a session in the school and meet her new OT for the school year...I am kinda excited but sad at the same time to be saying bye to our Birth To Three Therapists..:( 2 YEARS we have been working with them!
Ill let ya know how that goes :)
We will also be back at the school mid October to get alll the paperwork going and get a pcaket of info on what madie needs for her days..and a good idea of what madies day will be like with her therapys and play times...Hubby and I will go to that one hopefully :)
Aside from school commimg soon...I put a call into the Neuro and asked if there is anything we are doing different with her meds..since EEG still showed seizure activity...not horrible but still there. UUUUUUGH.
I know there was talk to weing her Zonegran but I have not begun that yet with worrys of things taking a turn for the worse...I wait for doctors orders. or maybe a better EEG...
*sigh* Oh my madie...what to do what to do...
Cant wait to see what you will do next my little friend.
Hope everyone is well and hangin in there. supposed to be great weather here in CT..hope we all can just open our windows and let the breeze in! Fall is in the air!
I just love comfort soup.
Sausage Soup
Fry up on pack of sweet italian sausage. till almost cooked.
In a pot add 1 can of Hunts diced Tomatoes that are garlic oregano basil flavor
2 cans of beef broth or half a large can
1-2 Onions chopped.
2 cloves of garlic chopped or minced
2 1/2 cups of H2O
1-2 small heads of brocolli (I buy the crowns)
Add all ingredients in a pot and simmer till things are cooked and sausage is cooked fully...can cut sausgae into smaller pices as well
Pour over some Penne Pasta. DO NOT add pasta to the soup it will become real mushy.
Comfort Food. :P

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Anonymous said...

Losing the first therapists you have used is really hard. The bond is so tight. I still run into the kids' PT and it's like seeing family!!