Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Krinkle Paper and Feeding Therapy

This stuff Madie loooves! Its that plastic wrapping paper stuff...krinkle krinkle she grabs this stuff with both hands and krinkles away..even sticks her little tounge out and licks it..haha. I tied a large pice to a couple of those plastic chain links and presto! A toy. :)

Madie loves to be up on her elbows..she rolls and rolls and juuuust can't quite get it yet.

I call these moves breakdancing..she just wont stay on her blanket will this in fact lead to crawling?? I never know with madison..and I am always worried about seizures returning.
But we enjoy the giggles and the head bumps and nap fighting...she doesnt want to miss a thing! STILL every day twitches...quick full body stiffenings...annoying lil boogers..but don't slow her down..but worry me just the same..

Took out my Yoga Mat and it made a great surface that was still soft for madie to practice..:)
We have not heard anything about her blood work but we just had it done was awfull!! One of those times when the gal just cant get the blood to flow enough or cant find a vein...who knows but they pricked both arms to get their 3 tubes! gee wiz! She was in a hysterical growling cry when we were done..whew!
Feeding therapy this AM went well...she ate her sweet potatoes and even opened her mouth for the spoon! Now where that came from whoooo knows!! Ill take it!
Cant say she is avidly eating her solids we still get most of her fat and calories from her Pediasure and her Duocal but evvvvery day we try a lil at a time..More on mamas plate she just cant swallow...uhh!
It also took me forever to get there...hittng every traffic light and road work they were paving and merging lanes...and no one can grasp that concept...LOL
Just wanted to post a few pics...not my best work but it kinda shows what madie is doing...she just cant get that much weight in her arms! and get herself into a sit...WHEN?? Only time and Madie can tell us.
I can hear her reaching and grabbing her toys in her noisy box right now...I can hear the krinkles and the funny chimes of the Hungry Caterpillar toy I got her to hang. You could say we really pimped out the noisy box...I beg to differ if anyone has as cool toys as madie in THEIR noisy box...hahahah
Hope everyone is hangin in there- :)
((( hugs)))

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Reagan Leigh said...

I think she's doing awesome in those pictures! She looks like she's almost getting into sitting. I sure wish Reagan had the arm strength and head control of Madie (oh yeah, and the rolling). I know it's baby steps, but I can see improvement!