Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh my lil Madison..:)
Well we have not seen seen an ugly seizure since Wednesday...we increased her Depakote by 1/2ML going to 3 and 3 now..she seems a bit sleepy the first couple days as with any increase...but FROM A STINKIN COLD! gah!! the darn stuffies just keep comming! And she has a small cough that goes with that..sounds so cute when she lets her little cough a lil person :)
I dont think she sleeps well because of it.:(
My lil sweetpea you continue to amaze me with your endurance to the meds...I am getting her blood work done on Monday although the doc said Friday but I told them that did not make any sense since we JUST increased her they agreed...lets give it a few days eh?? besides she was kinda having a sicky day..
SOOOOO anyhoo....Its nearly 5pm now and the weather is gorgeous in CT! Oh man! I went to the ZOO I call the grocery store today...oh man! People are crazy! Im Just tryin to get some Apples lady! Eeeeasy! LOL It feels like just when you think you are done spending money for awhile ya run out of food...and Oh prescriptions have to be filled and DUOCAL runs!!
We have a week ahead jammed with therapies and another GI follow I can have more guilt that madie is not gaining weight.... She is so tall and skinny!! thank god for adjustable waist pants! hahaha
Sweet Potatoes were a HIT! I was so stoked when she was actually smacking her lil lips...oh and Squash too was a HIT! I hope that one good eating day is a beginning of some MORE...ya never know with Madison... Ive been trying at 5 each day(eek in 10 min!) to feed her food and then come 7 she gets her bottle and her meds...seems to be working out..dunno..:/
I hope everyone is hangin in there Sophie- the lil sweetpea with her surgery! and Reagan to get better control of her seizures..I JUST KNOW when she has less seizures she will grant you sleep! Lil Zoey and her treatments and of course my main man Austin...what a BIG kid he is becoming! HES HUGE! hahahah I cannot get over the drool on his shirt too too funny! And of course for madie to gain her muscle strengh and work harder on her crawling!
And Lil Cami you are still my inspiration ;)
Prayers and Prayers...keep em commin!!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

She looks so adorable curled up on you...I assume that is you. Yeah for the NO is a new kind of counting for us and I'm lovin' it.

Holli said...

I hate that she had the breakthrough seizure last week.:(

But, so so glad to hear there have been no more since.

And, YAY for sweet potatoes...always one of Austin's faves! LOL That and carrots...hence the orangy tone on his little nose!

Good luck with the Depakote increase. Ours is staying pretty solid at 3-3-3 (3 ml, 3x daily).