Monday, March 16, 2009

Madie Madie

Mmmmm lets eat Madie! LOL!! Certainly earned a bath tonight! Sticky Sticky!
Figured Id try today...ehhh bout 1/2 jar down the hatch and some bottle afterwards..
We keep on goin...3 seizures since Friday...stupid meds! Have no Idea where we are going with them...tired of talking about meds!! gah!

Hubby and I spent yesterday putting together our new computer desk! 5 years I have been harrassing for a desk!! We literally had this little trolley thing from a tag sale! haha This desk is huge!! almost tooo much room! Other than that...good weekend of family dinners and relaxing after a long two doc apts this week! wooo hoo!! only her PT and OT...easy weasy.

She was giggling...haha
I will keep you all news really..just wanted to post some pictures...:)
Keep Lil Austin in your thougts its a big week of tests for him! Ohh and Reagan to get over her yucky bug! :P

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