Tuesday, March 24, 2009

just a hello :)

She truly hates that clip in her hair..I had to fix it like 3 times...hahaha THE LIVER IS BETTER!! whew!~ Now we wait for the doc to call us back and let us know where to go with her meds now...seizures are pesky....in her sleep or when she is feeling really tired...over tiredness can always bring them on..but she is well... I think 3ml was a good does for madie but it was too much for her...and when we upped to 4ml at night...she was a zombie! Noo good! She remains happy and LOUD..lol with her giggles and high pitched chirps...
I took her to Wall mart...( I know, die hard Tarje girl here) and we bought some potting soil and new pot for my indoor hanging plant and some candles....ehhh got us out and the weather is nice....still a bit cold but warm enough for just a sweater.
She did great with her OT today...biting her jiggler and allowing things in her mouth to bite... it was so cute seeing her little hands around the toy that was in her mouth..:)
we have a new lady cause our Miss Tara is having her baby soon! We miss her but the new woman is pretty nice too...cant wait to hear the news of her finally poppin!! LOL...Eeeeeveryone seems to be preggo these days...my Aunt just found out she was pregnant as well! I cannot keep track of all the cousins I have! Adding to the wonderful family I have :)

No word yet on the stroller yet...stiiil seein....hmmm We will see her PT tomorrow and ask her about the status.. We are still going to battle with the Insurance companies on Madies Feeding team appointments....The Pediatrican wrote a great letter stating that it IS necessary for madie..we can only wait and see before the bills pile up.\

I guess that is all....Madie is sleeping and I am going to finally straiten up a little...and maybe feed the poor cat :)

Hugs and Hugs


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