Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Madies Chair....

Its called "Kimba MPS Seating" this will be Madies new adaptive stroller.... yuppers...its a cadilac alright...35 pounder! costs about 3500-4000 buck-a-roos!...we may have about 1500 out of pocket to pay...Madies PT is seeing if Birth to Three will cover the rest of the cost as well(1500)...but insurance SHOULD cover the bulk of it...
I am sad that we are even looking at these things...I am frustratited that there is not a miracle that alll of a sudden Madie has the strenth to walk....Is this a lifelong thing??
She is happy go lucky today as I am trying to get her to nap...but I guess I cant complain if she is happy..
She did great with her OT yesterday with her jiggler toy in her mouth...opens her mouth for this toy and chomps away!! hahaha I have a pic of the jiggler as well but not on this computer...gettin there.:)
I just wanted to share the picture. Its from a company called Otto
We hope for insurance approval that will take a few days......I know I know.....we shall see.
Ill keep you all posted.


Reagan Leigh said...

Reagan has the Kimba stroller base for her Squiggles chair (it's compatible with mulitple bases). The stroller base is very light and folds up well, but the button to move the handle is very stubborn and I often get frustrated with it. I know what you mean about hesitating in getting this sort of equipment. It's like you are finally having to admit that you have a special needs child. I've been in denial about that for a while. I still hold out hope that Reagan is going to be walking and sitting on her own...but until then we do need a little extra help...and so does she!

Lisa said...

We have that chair! Kali LOVES it!!