Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh those crazy kids.

Yesterday we had our Three year Anniversary...although far from Romantic with no babysitter and some take out Chinese food we were thurout the day remembering where we were thru that speical day at particular 230 is when the ceremony beagn....and then after alll the pics were done about 630 is when the party was so nice to remember that day...I did not dare bust out the wedding album and get the water works going!! OR the honeymoon pics!!

We were married in a small stone church...just gorgeous! in a historical town and all.

It had been nearly 10 years of friendship combined with about 4 years of dating for miles to finally propose...I tell ya I almost fell off my chair when he busted out that ring!!

Can I tell that story?? Pretty Pleeeeeease!

We had planned on going out a Sat night to see this Awesome Beatles Tribute band at the local bar and on Friday he decided we were going out to dinner....i am all tired from work and tell him that I thought we were going Sat!....he says we will still go see the band but he wanted to go to dinner NOW....*sigh* I mosey thru a shower and get dressed.
THEN he says that his brother is coming with ohhhhhhhh ok.Bye

We go out to dinner and we are maybe mid way thru food and he gives me a card.. I am thinking I am seriously going to put in in my purse for I feel something inside and kinda freak...I open it and inside is a three stone cubic zirconium ring...we allllways joked how he was going to get me the "fiinest CZ ring I eva saw" I laughed and as I was reading the card (the decoy) he was on one knee with the spark-leee-ist 3 REAL diamond ring!! His Brother promptly stood up and began snapping pictures!! lol!!!

We had this memorable photographer at our wedding I just have to mention to0

(Cmon! Ive had enough seizure talk for one day!)

...I tell ya...."we just couldn't go with the husband wife team from the wedding expo now could weee"....Nope...

"Inspirations by Jerry" you guessed it, HE was Jerry...a nice older man...from Michigan (where his father ALSO named Jerry with a "G" went to college!) and you got alot of pictures in his packages and his sample albums were OK...for lil over 2000 we had a photographer.

I tell ya the guy showed up bright and early at the salon to take our pics, he was at the ceremony snapping away...not getting in any ones way... then we went back to his parents house and took pictures around the house...there is big yard with trees and large rocks etc... perrrfect.!

SO anyhoo this guy leaves at about 1030...telling us he will be in touch in a few weeks..I think he said like 2...

We promptly got our proof album, tediously made alllll our choices and then waited for an album...... To give you oh...a specific idea of how long we waited....we were married in Oct O5...we got our final wedding album in Feb 07.....

NO returned calls, no nothing...I was in tears thinking he vanished or DIED!! We go to his HOUSE...errrrr we come to find is a small TRAILER! bout an hour away from us...I am bout...oh..big enough to look pregnant and we are leaving notes on his door...instead of calling so we KNOW we are getting him the message..

Well long story short....we were filing papers to take him to small claims court for out 2 grand and our pictures... WHEN suddenly...the very DAY before he is due to respond to our court papers he calls us up and tells us he is doing great and our album is compleate...!

SO when he says he will come and "hand deliver them" we say Ok.... I tell ya folks...he comes rollin into the apt parking lot in a spankin new Explorer SUV and lookin like he colored his gray hair, and a spankin new cell phone with one of those blue chip head things that look like boy band head

With an Album in his hands...... We thanked him and it was the most awkward moment ever. he offered us 500 in free re-prints...which we accepted and he came thru with...hubby met him in a parking lot near!!

SO that is that. I guess he was going thru a bad divorce and did not have enough money to make our album...and was having all kinds of issues...that Ito put frankly could give two "poopies" about.!

The pics are OK...I feel like I can do better but who ever heard of a bride taking her own wedding pics...dunno.

Oh what a day it was.

Those two love birds workin at Tj Maxx 10..geeze...years ago...were just destined to marry. GOD I wish I had pics of us in our smocks....!

AND now here we are.

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Holli said...

LOL, what a story! We had quite a fiasco with our wedding pics too! Just awful! Go figure!

Hope Madie is doing well still...Austin has an epileptologist appointment tomorrow...cross your fingers! Maybe we'll get some insight!