Sunday, October 5, 2008

One down.....

We have gotten the OK to go down off the Clonopin!! Woo Hooooooooo! this folks brings us down to ONE drug! One drug we can see if its working...ONE drug to see if she is having side effects from.. one drug we can keep track of... We have just increased her Zonegran to 200mgs a day..I cannot say that this up dose has worked yet..we have only had her up dosed since fri..

Yesterday night she was just refusing food..she was totally not a decient mood but was not about to eat anything.. it was medicine time and I mixed a little "potion" with her meds in an oral syringe and squirt some in her mouth...about a second later she threw it all up!! this is the second time she has done that! She was not hungry and I should have not forced food on her but this was the only way I was getting her meds down! I think these times I may try a little juice.. SO then we kinda freaked and so this Am we gave her her full dose... switching to AM meds is not what I really wanted to do..but she cant go a day without?? There was absolutely no one I could call and ask...good ol docs are closed! and it was not a 911 emergency... I mean she WAS Ok.....

I am not one to really freak out unless she is projectile vomiting she seemed fine...after the fact...then she layed with her blankee and was passed out snoring and all.... ohhh sweet girl....

Sometimes you just never know what is doing what! I believed from the get-go that Clonopin doped her up... AND if she begins to have horrible seizure numbers than we know that THAt is what could have been helping.. but for n ow....come Monday we are going down foks!

HEY I was also you think sometimes the meds cause muscle weakness?? maybe that is why she cannot use her muscles well?? Or even able to try?? She has been on allllot of drugs in just one year!!

Oh please hope that getting rid of Clonopin will help her out with any drug change I am nervous...but at the same time what have I got to loose...madie has lost a toddler hood!! Iam going to have a 5 year old with no sense of danger when she gets movin!!

Im ready! bring it!

Ill blog some more in a few days...a busy week ahead my hubbys brother Peter is visiting on Wed for the long weekend...! he lives in Colorado... also bringing his NEW girlfriend we can all harrasss him about! "should be interesting" lol! hopefully I can get some cute pics from our family dinners..

OH OH my thoughts are with lil Austin and Cami...I dreamt last night that I was at the store and saw cameran there...she was just shoping by her lonesome with a little handbag in

jamie :)

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Karen said...

Cami shopping all that will be the day!