Monday, October 13, 2008

spent mama.

I have spent most of the day crying for madie...I am phsically and emotionally drained from this year long battle... Her seizures were not great today and while she slept on the couch I lost count of the small ones she was having. I manged to film them with my digital camera so I can bring them to the doctors....Im no film maker but they are good enough to get the idea.
I am going to bed tonight nervous of our Neuro apt, unable to open my eyes anymore and feeling the burn in my eyes....having that "if I dont do it no one does around here" argument with my husband over a newspaper bag on the floor that each of us refuse to pick up...
I put it in his cereal box for the morning..........
Anyone ever see that Everyone Loves Raymond about the suitcase that no one would bring upstairs and ray put smelly cheese in it.....??
Nite nite..
Oh...Madie is still awake..nevermind. See ya dark and early.
Ill keep u posted. Thanks for reading :)

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