Sunday, August 21, 2011

Turkey for me Turkey for you.

Ive tried to start a new entry about a million times and just dont have the most organized thoughts lately..Ahhh A.D.D.
First and Foremost Diet as far as Madie eating her Keto is going Ok. She still just will not eat REAL foods...that is a whole other can of worms I really dont want to go into. I just can blame myself for not trying enough. Well a couple days ago she ate mushed up Turkey which was awesome. SEE

Seizures have been oh....well..she had one late at night on Friday Night..Very strong when they hit her. It was heartbreaking but late enough that she just went back to sleep. What went wrong? Well ur guess is as good as mine. We are heading out to get her labs done on MONDAY hell or high water! If I forget I will kick myself! Maybe we can tinker with Diet a little and get a even better grip on her Seizures...She had 3 large ones last month..(July) and so far 3 this month (Aug)..sigh. Yup. Sooo to be continued on the progress of seizures or the non progress...
Its extreamly frustrating that she does not eat FOOD...She needs to eat more Keto Bottles than she really eats in a least a bottle and half short of the WHOLE 5 Bottles they suggest..sigh. IF only I could get a good solid Keto FOOD meal in the mix it wouldnt matter if she just ate 3 or 4 bottles..sigh. :(

Went out to see some of my Family just yesterday at their lake home for a was great to not have to drive 3+ hours since its in CT..:) Was strange to come home and not be drained from being in the car so We can get there in about an hour! :D
My two cousins (both sisters) are both pregnant were just looking great I cannot wait to meet MORE family members! One of them already has a baby and is pretty nervous about adding another to her family but I have good faith that she will do great :) OMG Madies lil cousin Patrick is the most squeezable rolly polly EVER! hee hee...oh I just adore him. Madies older couisins were there too(my dads sisters kids) fishing off the dock and digging for worms..they were hilarious. I missed them all so much it was nice to spend the day :) And of course I cannot forget My Grandma was there too. Oh how I wish she lived closer. she is such a glue in our family :)

Hmm what else...Well Summer Program for Madie is over now and we enjoy a three week vacation before her afternoon PreK starts. I am beyong stoked that it will be FOUR days a week instead of 3...but nervous about the afternoon hours..hoping that Madie will adjust..weee shall see! Same Teachers as Preschool AM so I am comfortable with that. Still no heart to bus her or van her to school.Just a tad overprotective and I knida enjoy chatting with the moms.
Sleep has been different too...Miss Thang is up about an hour earlier than her usual..which may be a thing of the and its been weeks and I am still not used to her waking me at 615am. She still goes to bed about 830/9 which is a relief...dont jinks it mama!
Mood Wise she has been good. She is bored. When she has no preschool she doesnt nap well..she gets grumpy at times and I am fresh out of ideas to entertain some days. Its so tough that she is not mobile and able to get her energy out and entertain herself...more self efficent per-say.
Oh my sweet Girl...there is a kiddo in there who just wants to stand and play Im tellin ya! I just know that my parents are watching over her and I and cheering her on. While I have been laying here with the laptop on my stomach typing she is pushing with those little arms on my back getting up to her knees and kinda boppin up and down in that frog someday?? whooo knows! Each year I say it will be a big year. She will be 5 in October and we will have a little party for her for sure! Its a BIG year! :D Dangit!
I hope everyone is well...I am a tad behind in reading all your blogs and I am terrible at comments but Im gettin there :)
Time to go get the dreaded blood work for my Madie this morning!
Hugs Mamas.

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