Saturday, May 28, 2011

Someday my R&R will come....sigh

Wanted badly to get to shore today. What a bad seizure day for my Angel today. UUUUGH! So frustrating! She slept alot of the morning away and I figured Ok..Ill just wait till later on and go. Well she has another bumping her head and being unphased by the bump and is back to sleep. I surrender. What is off today?? I reeeeally have to get her in for a height and weight check she may be gaining weight and we may have to tinker with diet.. could be.
She has not pooped in a few days AGAIN...maybe that is it. Sigh...Seriously the last time she pooped it was SO MESSY! certainly not her norm. Of course it was a preschool day so I had to clean her up the best I could with warm water and baby time for tub! And folks DONT buy wallmart brand wipes they are horrid!
I have not seen a bad seizure for about a week and half so I guess we were "due". Other than sleepy her mood has been Ok. Its been Boiling hot in CT the past few days and I had her outside yesterday just hangin out and she was not complaining.The cat has been loving life bringing home mice, moles, bunnies...and a scratched up face...When I can wrangle her inside I wash her wounds and send her on her way. Crazy Cat.
A mystery annimal has eaten my entire poppy plant as well..buds and blooms and was so puurdy! Little Orange Flowers..morseles for the critter or the Deer. Unsure. but DOH.
Tonight I think Ill just get the kiddo in her jammys and relax at home and tomorrow I will head out to Cottage in Niantic to FINALLY relax. We will be having Memorial Day BBQ as well. Packed up car today with full intentions of leaving then felt guilty if I did not bring Madie after her bad seizures...and Hubster is super swamped with work from his classes he is taking...
Soooo Anyhoo...I went to the farm and bought a tomato plant and a hot pepper plant. If I can get just ONE of each I will so thrilled with myself! LOL I am the worse grower of things but I try and I want to be able to..:(!! I have visions of a garden with peppers and tomatoes and lettuce and yummms...but eh...think I would spend a load of money and everything would get eaten or die on me. Sooo we are takin it slow with two plants in a large pot on the deck. Wish me Luck. LOL
Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend with the hubsters (aka kid watchers) home for the 3 days we get em!
Till Next Time

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