Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Scoop.

Feel like I have not posted in reason.
Just tired or too lazy to get on computer and collect thoughts.
The KetoCal Battle continues in CT USA...Insurance is holding down strong at no coverage. We are stocked for a month now after we paid nearly 600 dollars out of pocket on the credit card...but what about Next Month?? We did sent in a claim form to Anthem with hopes that maybe we will recive something back and we can just buy next months supply with that...sigh. If that is what we have to do then that is what we do.
Madison had a great week at Preschool too! ALL THE HAPPY REPORTS! She had one seizure friday at home that put a damper on her day but after her nap she was really happy again..Guess I cant complain. They have been doing cool exercises with her and they have an Ipad with cool touch screen cause and effect games on it. Dang I wish they werent 600 bucks could be cool to have :) She has been doing great in her stander too..sometimes 45 min! I can still remember the 1st time she was in a stander and how she screamed like she was being tourtured! I never had the heart to put her in it!
Madie-San you are a hungry girl. Gobbles her Ketocal..we lowered the water by an ounce in each and that seems to be helping her at least get more keto in her tum tum. Consipation has always been an issue but Miralax has also become part of her regiment...poor kiddo cries when she poos...hates when you change her after too when her poor hiney is so sore. :(
I want to try some real foods with her..I have a great food processor and lots of chicken and free foods I can mush for her to try. I have no idea how I can incoorporate real foods into her diet and actually be sucessfull at it. And yeah, Insurance was not about to cover Feeding Therapy once a week...sigh.
A gorgeous sunny day today got a couple windows open as it was getting hot in the house. I am still anxious to get my gardening on. SO relaxing...I have uncovered bugs I have never seen before creeping in my ran once like one was chasing me!!
Hope everyone is well and hangin in there. I know I am. Why did a sesame seed just fall out of my hair?

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will help with your insurance issue but you could try it.

Also, if you have access to the ketocalculator, try the dannon yogurt meal. Its carb and sugar control dannon yogurt, cream and canola oil mixed together and it tastes fabulous. Its soft and a great starting point.

Egg nog is a good one also now that they sell a lot of pasteurized eggs in the grocery store. That one is raw egg and cream and I add two drops of vanilla stevia.