Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years.

What a fun time New Years Eve! had good friends and family over to our house, busted out the folding table and covered it with cute table cloth and candles and my mix of plates (I have none that I cooked up a big oven roaster and some cheezy potatoes and carrots and a nice crunchy salad. Wine and Beer optional but well taken..:)
We played Apples to Apples the Bibical Editon and laaaaaaughed and laughed. We played CLUE and Monoply card game :) When it was almost mid we had to watch the frail Dick Clark drop the ball in NY. Fun Times. Even Magic the Kitty hung out downstairs looking for "chicken treat"
Madie was an ANGEL...even went to bed at 9pm like clock work right after she had a big present in her Seizures were kinda a pain yesterday morning but overall a good mood as the day progressed.
Today She has been in a refusal to eat her Keto or her pediasure. *sigh. But Seizures have been LOW and she has been real happy. It makes me belive that this diet WILL work. I mean think about food, no seizures. BUT she really should eat! But eat that NO carb FOOD!! ahhh!!!
I gave her a scooby doo vitamin this Am with her food but aside from that first bottle and then maybe 3 more oz of Keto she has not eaten today. happy as a clam downstairs with dad by the christmas tree.
We are sad to take it down. I have taken all the christmas down except for the tree.
Well Today was a sunny mild day in CT..melting some of the snow we got which is nice but muddy on my sneakers ack. We went to this yummy breakfast place this morning (not so good for any other foods) with my brother in law and his girlfriend who were at our house last night too. It was nice. Hopefully we will have them over again for a little relaxing football game tomorrow.
Well I guess I am rambling. I am actually hangin in there. more tired from staying up till 1am and then getting up at 715 with my trusty human alarm clock.(HA)
Not much else to report I guess. Happy New years. Now take your trees down and lights down and lets get back to normal.
Ok time to do some laundry. Jealous??

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