Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You think your cards are bad?.....LOL (warning shows card)

Christmas Cards are my thing...I dress the kiddo up like a doll and I snap her picture in some kind of christmas theme...
I wanted the card to be perfect. I wanted a new picture and all the ooos and ahhhs from just how delightfull she would be in picture.
Well time was ticking and the nasty preschool cold has hit us all..a miserable little sick girl who would not smile for me.
Hubster says I have many great pictures of her from the past few months and that I should just make a collage of them. Sooo after the attached failed attempts(kinda funny pics when I look back at the usally photogenic lil girl of mine..Now none of these are the actual card..I did go and use some old cuties of her...

Yeah she was not happy with me back however giving me her germs via slimey loveys and wet willies in my eyes! Ahh Motherhood,
We had a yucky morning this morning..I woke desperatly wanting my tea and honey..realizing we had no honey..but hey, no I feed kiddo, get her in her new red shirt her Auntie got for her, the car running to get her to school and when I came in a big seizure had struck.
I just held her and let her rest..called school to cancel and just cried. Not so much out of frustration..just out of feeling like crap and on this ONE day I neeeded her to go to school...Well so far she has slept about an hour just in time for me to try to take a nap wakes up...but I guess its all good. Kinda used to it.

Got a call from the Hospital Nutritionist asking how we are doing on this very frustrating diet...We bumped up her Nuero Apt that was today at 9am to after the holidays too..I kinda just gave her the scoop and she says not to give up and that when we get to 3 Keto Bottles a day to add the multi vitamin in the mix..Not really much else to report on that.
In a few days we head to New Jersey (shore area) to see my side of the family which is always an adventure but so worth seeing the gang. We will stay at a very nice Hilton Hotel and have some of that yummy breakfast the next morning before we hit the road.:)
In the meantime just another freeeezing day in almost rather have snow..instead of this bone chilling breeze!
Hope everyone is hangin in there and have a great weekend.

Well anyhoo....Here is our card. Close your eyes if you dont want to see. :) Still waiting for them to arrive! I ordered 50...I seriously dont know if that is enough! LOL


Holli said...

Oh my!! I hate to see that she's upset, but I can't help but laugh a little! Those are serious keepers! I kinda felt that way while I was taking Austin's pictures! ;)

But, I love the actual card!! You chose some great ones.


Jamie said...

hahahah Ohhh she was so stuffy and wanted me to pick her up..being a booger!(literally) Thanks, I used some pics from the past few months. :)