Thursday, November 18, 2010

Square One.

Yup. Square One. back to the beginning. We finally got all the Ketocal in the mail and we are READY! yup...NOW we are ready!
Kinda had a tough start.She had some kind of bug and was having horrible messy diapers and crrrrying and crrryying just couldnt make her happy. I said OK lets wait till the keto comes in the mail and we are fully stocked and the diapers get better and THEN we can start.
There may have been a slight procrastonation on my part...

Madie is and always has been a horrible eater...I cannot tell you how frustraiting that is that she doesnt chew normal foods..
I have not tried solids in awhile. due to I up. being flustered with it. and when I go with the solids..say oh twice a day for a couple months and the feeding doesnt improve. I get lazy and go back to the Pediasure. Its a bottle, Its easy to just pour in, no laundry of raggies and bibs and stained shirts and screaming kid who hates everything to do with food.
I have also avoided going the G-Tube route...I cry thinking that I may have to suck it up and get one for madie...force feed her. MAKE the food go down. The only way we can tell if this diet will work is if she cooperates..
DO I sign back up for that feeding therapy??
Somedays I feel confident that MAYBE just maybe I can pull this whole thing off. So far she has yet to accept and or finish a keto bottle...Sometdays I think she would rather go hungry than eat that stuff...sigh. Then I loose faith in myself..and she crrrys and crrrys cause she is hungry!! Absolute refusal of her Keto Bottle then chuggs her pediasure. *sigh.
Hubby and I head out this weekend to buy a food processor and get some foods made and frozen..even if they are just snack portions thru the day its something..there is no doubt that she will be hungry. I am so concerned with getting the right ammounts of things in the ol tummy...worried she will get sick from "lack of"... We also have suagr free vitamins to add to the mix too...Sigh.
Just Give it a couple months Madie!!! Please help mama with this!
Poor kiddo has been so needy! so clingy to mama. so much wanting constant attention..which is GOOD like something of a spoiled little brat is brewing in her brain...LOL
Took a weekend last weekend and went to the shore by myself to visit with my mother in law and some of her lady friends too. I tell ya I came home feeling so rejuvinated. The most rested I had felt in at least a week and half!! The mear fact that there was no dishes and no laundry and Im not sitting there looking at huge dust bunnies that if I dont get up an vaccume will hop away thru the house.. Dont forget the constant needs of miss america.. I just push myself to go and sometimes a gal just wants to be a lazy bum. But my house will show that if I am for too long! AH!. At 4 years old the naps for the kiddo are getting shorter and shorter!! HEY is that a MILESTONE!?? LOL Write that one in the books! if I ignore her too long she will let me know that is for sure! The ol Noisy Box Play gym can entertain her for so long!

Preschool has been Ok...somedays are good somedays are bad. had a big bad seizure last week at school and I was just beyond sad for her. Went to get her in the health room and her teacher was with her just rubbing her back and sitting with was the sweetest. Poor baby girl I just took her home and got her in her jammys and held her till she fell asleep. :( Twitches and Jerks and small tonice persist.
Things..well particarly MOODs can be unpredictable with madie. Lots of times I dont know why she is crying or winey or sleepy...sometimes it makes no sense.Thanksgiving may be a tough day with all the people as I am a firm believer that she gets overstimuated and the noise and people (although all willing playmates) can get to her signaling a meltdown beyond my controll.
The mood can change like the flick of a switch. One second compleatly content then next breaking down in tears..then minutes later she is fine...
I surrender!!

BUT when she is happy...oh boy. she is a sweetpea! laughing and death gripping my head and giving hugs and holding onto mama for kisses...Ohh she KNOWS! Booger.
Today has been kinda low key. Pretty cold outside and a short day of school for teacher meetings and Turkey Day arround the corner. We went to the local kids consignment store and got her a great sweater jacket for $6.50! nice and thick and not like those huge marshmellow down jackets that smother her little frame..haha Hopefully it will work out till it gets super cold and snows.
Anyhoo..Im being sumonded..
I will certainly blog in a few days and let all know how this NEW start of the diet goes. *sigh*
The Plan now is to get her into at least a few bottles per day durring the holiday breaks.
As for now. Well Funny shows tonight and high hopes of getting the kiddo to bed by 9.

hang in there my fellow bloggers


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hope that you manage to get the keto diet food into Madie. I hope even more that it works miracles!

Zoey's mom said...

Well,kind of ironic that this was your post and mine was what it was the other day.similar in many ways on the food front,aren't we?

Hoping and praying for the diet to do it's thing.Madie deserves nothing less.

And me,I REALLY need to remember to come her and re-read my quote that you have posted on the sidebar.sure would have come in handy the other day1