Friday, September 17, 2010

Much Better.

Ok I have breathed a sigh of relief as my madie is back to her usual little demanding self...*sigh.
Wrote a note into school telling them to keep a "count" of seizures or "moments" that madie may have at school and told them about Monday's bad seizure...
Dunno if telling them was good or bad...ok good. I SHOULD keep her school informed on what is going on with Madie and her seizures and overall health..its only right that they know and are alerted to "watch out"..
BUT Geeze...ok so I am on the phone with nurse..a sweetheart of a woman and she is asking me exactly what they should do "the seizure action plan" per say..
I try to assure her that we RARELy see these grand mauls and they have been kept pretty at bay for many months...things just "happen" with Epilepsy...they just can zap little ones when the least expect it....sadly.
Mostly smaller versions or medium versions (as I just saw mid way thru typing this..ugh) occur.
She was asking me if they should call the ambulance and I was like Uhhhh unless it lasts a long time and or she turns blue...which has NEVER happened there is not a need to go all out like that!
SO there was a big fuss at school over it but I guess that is a good thing that they care so much about my madie.
After all that was squared away..I called Nuerology and they said that they would send a lab form to me to get Madies V.Acid Levels checked to see if maybe they were getting low. We went up to 4ml twice a day on the med and now we wait a week. Cant things just work the next day??? Then again if they really did work they may just do that...
We all know the drill...waiting for meds to take hold and "work"...
She woke this morning in pisser of a mood...crying and refusing to eat any sort of food and crying some more...I put her in her bed after some frustraition and she just zonked out. Zonked out 20 min before we were supposed to leave for school. I just let her sleep and kept her home.I was convinced she was punishing me for going out last night to a CAbi party..Its like a overpriced designer fashion get to try stuff on and tease yourself with the most amazing black pants (I have several pairs that just dont work) that cost 98 bucks...and hubster has banned me from the ol "devils card" It was all and all a great night of pretending I had money and trying on some of the most comfy fabrics ever! Good Times. I hope to get those pants someday though...;) We also munched on addicting appetizers and enjoyed good conversation. Love it. :) was thinking of hosting my own party too...I would get 50 percent off the stuff If I did! (woot)
Anyhooo I will leave you with this:
Well as I type I have both my front and back doors open with hopes that a small chipmunk will make his way outside...I did however find the poor things TAIL on the carpet!! I was sweating as I made my way aroud the house standing on all the furnature with hopes of no colapses... trying to find this small creature that the cat dragged in!
As for everything else...well we are much better. chillin. just hangin out on a nice breezy day with madie. (and a headache that was my fault)
Have a great weekend! get those grills goin! YUM its the season! :)


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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Ew, it's TAIL was left behind? Wow! I would freak out with that animal in my house. I can picture you hopping from furniture to furniture. :)

I'm sorry the school flipped out over Madie's "seizure plan". Like you, I hate telling them when Emily has had a bad morning. The rest of the day, they will call me every time she twitches or anything, convinced she's having a seizure. I know they care about her and all .. but it's frustrating!

I hope Madie doesn't have any more big ones for a long, long time.