Tuesday, September 7, 2010

cutie patootie

So Breeeezy! she loved it!

Sat outsdie for hours....it was wonderfull :)

Had a WONDERFULL weekend! The weather was sure on our sides! It was great to see evryone at the beach house and to get outside with Madie-san. Whom for the most part was a good kid. Sat out at my favorite spot in the backyard and took her picture and read my book and just for the most part..chillaxed. Ate good food had good company and well guess no complaints.
It was great to see my brother in law who was home from DC for the weekend and meet his new girlfriend who was very nice. And my sister in law brought her new boyfriend too..it was just a meeting of new people. Miles is the only married one in his sibings and I get to meet all the girlfriends and get attached to them only for it to not work out. I did really like my sister in laws old boyfriend who was with her for about 3 years..kinda sad she has moved on so quickly but as long as she is happy I am happy for her. dangit.
Well anyhooooo I made raspberry cheese cake that was to die for and we had some grillin and salad for dinner. too many late nights for me..taking a break!
Miles and the guys went on the boat too and went tubing and he came back with a horrible sunburn for sure...but now that gives him an excuse for a back rub with the aloe...trickster.
Speaking of tricksters! My cat brought in a LIVE chipmunk today and the thing ran into my very small bathroom downstairs (its a half bath)..SO I locked it inside the bathroom and stood on the toilet trying to figure out how to catch this thing and get it back outside untill it managed to get under the door and into the house! I just went to the front door and it ran out...well that was easy...at least it wasnt a bird. holey shmoley.
Madie is starting preschool tomorrow!!! HAIL to the preschool gods!! I am going out of my mind to find the cutest outfit she can wear..hahaha with her pigtails and her sneakers. She will also be turning 4 next month...crazy crazy.
I guess that is all for now. She is sleeping FINALLY at nearly 4pm..good thing I got good sleep last night.
oh and seizures have been about 1 a day...maybe 2 somedays....but GOSH....just go away already!!!gah!

have a great week.
:) me

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Reagan Leigh said...

Love those pics! So glad you have had some good days! Poor Reagan, she never gets to go outside with all of the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes we have here! What I would give for some of that raspberry cheesecake! Yum!