Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A mama and her Kids (one kitty)

Madie loves her Tub Tub time!

loves to have water poured on her puts her hands out for mama to pour..

after many times of splashing her hands with her saying splash splash...she gets it! claps her little hands together splashing!

So grateful to Birth to Three for getting us this seat! she loves how she has more room to touch water and move her legs as opposed to the other ring seat we used before..Its bulky but manages to fit in linen closet..
Ok sooooo
Latest genetic testing for hubby and I came back as follows..(dont get too excited) I was negative for the differences they saw in Madie but Hubby positive for them...but it means nothing cause Miles doesnt have an sort of what the differences are is just what makes her madie..just gives her her her character not the disabilities...
SO she is simply disabled because she has seizures????
ugh.maybe so...
In Medication news after I explained to the Nurse at CCMC that I wanted Madie OFF this Canada drug that made her miserable I STILL had them tell me to "just lower it" Nope, sorry we are done! She is on a half of a half a pill at night and I guess soon I will do that every other night and then be finished.
had to be aggressive with what I wanted on that one.
Today I have seen 3 suspicious...I heard her fall but did not see it per I Did in fact SEE 2...which is pretty good considering..but its still only 5pm may see another...(nope make that a solid 3...just went over...)
Mood has been a MUCH better turnaround! OMG even just last night she was SO giggly and so happy and interactive holding onto mama and grabbing my face and laughing and wanting to be flipped upside down when she goes "upp upp pup pup ppp". I wanted to bottle her up just that way!
I just want her on the least ammount of medicine possible with NO MORE seizures!!gah!
In other Drama..
Now being a mom is tough with a child who has special needs and its even tougher when you have a 10 year old cat whom is like your "other child" and that other child is sick. BUT the human child must come first and she is demanding of alot of my time...
My Kitty Magic was wallowing around the house for a couple days and spend all of thurs and fri in her kitty bed...a rare ocasion for her since it was gorgeous outside and she would be the first meeeowing to get outside or busting a screen thru the window...
Finally on Sat I brought her to the vet and it was bad. X-rays looked clean aside from a small kidney stone that may pass over time...and it was the blood work (and the bill) that knocked me out of the park....
White Blood cells were SO low her body was trying to fight an infection of sorts and was loosing..
Now Zoey knows all about White Blood cells in a very scary way and triumped her way thru...a whole other story...
But when I heard that the Big C word came into my head and I was prepared (as well I as I could be) to put Magic down...
Well we put her on Anti-biotics and went in today for a follow up and she is doing better...she still had a bad fever but we gave her an anti-inflamatory and some fluids and they gave me some canned food to feed her and she finally gobbled that up..whew.
A mama and her Kids...
Also went to Jersey for a wedding shower as well. I was so exhausted and worried about my kids and it was SO HOT and my nice new shirt was soaked thru...I get a call from Hubby saying madie is giving him a hard time and I just loose it. Spent night at my cousins place and we ordered some Pizza and the world was good. :)
I guess thats it...Hubby needs computer now and I gotta get the cats temp.(Hubby refuses)
Have a good weekend...stay cool folks its a hot one! almost a 100 in CT today!! shoo wee!

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