Wednesday, May 5, 2010

(Jeopardy Theme)

We wait.
Madie was so brave getting her blood work done yesterday..whew. I tell ya the moment we walked into the waiting room at the Lab she began to cry. Ya think she knows what happends there?? She screamed untill the whole think was over and I was carrying her down the steps to the car. (there is no elevator and its on the second floor) death gripping my fleece hoodie the all the while..:(

We are going to see what her Depakine levels are and then go from there...maybe an increase in the Med..and even then it will take awhile to see if it will really work. ugh.
Mothers Day appoaches and I really did seldom think of mothers day before I became a mother myself...My mother has been gone since I was 17..
Mothers day should be a day at the spa getting manis and pedis.. and gourmet dinner OR better yet.. having the husband take on slave duty doing laundry all day and dealing with Madies moods and fussy up the house vaccuming or even doing a little grocery shopping..... OH and feeding mama wine and grapes like a greek
Although I may feel foolish doing that last one...
Dunno of any plans yet. Rumor was that my inlaws are going to a brunch or dinner of romantic eh? free food is good and family time is good...I just hope madie agrees with me the whole time so I am not getting heart burn while I eat my quickly chilling food to tend to her.
Madie has been fussy from her seizures...sleepy...just wanting to lay down and snuggle with her blankies and has been not wanting to eat a whole lot..constipated as well. fun stuff. eh?
I guess that is all from me...Ill post again when I get the blood work back and update on what will go on with meds.
FUN STUFF! Edge of your seat!
I know.
And HOLY CRAP did you see that Episode of LOST!! people are dropping like flies!!

Happy Mothers Day.

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