Monday, April 19, 2010

Medication overload...ahhhhhhh!

Sorry for the back to back blogs...just too much on my mind..
Clobazam...go up at night??
Banzel? finally wein off and get rid of it?
Valproic Acid? go up slightly in the AM?
These are my questions because..
Drops...GONE. done. Hail Canada!! :D
Full Body Stiffenings that she holds onto for a few seconds...BACK.
It happens allll the time...and I should have been prepared to see her have a tonic clonic again..well they are not AS HORRIBLE as the former ones she had..they last maybe half the time the old ones did..but they look like them..shorter.
Mood swings- check.
Constipation- check
Meltdowns- check
Sleep-fighting- Check
One second she is just dandy...hangin out with mama and laughing or just rolling all over hitting her noggin on the coffee table and then next thing ya know the mood does the ol 360 and she is just inconsolable! crrrrying and crrrrying
because of gas? because she is sleepy? because she is hungry? because she is constipated? I HAVE NO IDEA....Banzel withdrawals??
We are down to a measly half a tab of Banzel right now..and about (lost my train of thought..) about OH YES...3-5 seizures a day...BUT today we have seen 2. its only 345 pm so the day is not over yet kids!
Oh Miss Madie...she is such a joy when she is loud and happy and trying her damnedest to get on those hands and knees with her proud smile to her face when dad lifts her up to put weight in her stand..
We just have to do some tweaking with the meds...ugh. Like I said.up on Banzel or up on Clobazam at night? Hmmm Dunno. the sleepy mornings can be due to seizures that strike in the AM or it can be from her meds...or it could be from her getting up so stinkin early! Yup you would say the ol head is spinning...

Ok well I guess that is it. may be a PS if I hear back from Neuro today on the plan for meds...
Tonight Hubbers and I relax and enjoy our funny shows...sounds like a plan stan.
:D May head to Nyantic this weekend and maybe my mother in law will let me make a killa roasted chicken recipie Id love to make...MMM


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