Sunday, February 21, 2010

A day in the life..

Spent the day in Madies Class on Friday as my day to come and play! Well it was certainly a crazy little bunch of kids! There were some that stood out to me as they just loved madie. One little boy would hold her hand in circle was the swetest thing like he was making sure she was OK...she is still the tinest kid in there...awwwww!! :) Another little boy pointed out the teachers shiney shoes and said he just loved her new shoes..
She did a great 30 minutes in her stander as she was presented with her kooshes and cotton balls and her vibrating koosh switch toy that I bring from home for every friday's OT. She had had enough after 30 minutes but boy oh boy that is some good standin! I brought a book to her class called "My Cat" and it was just a cute story about the silly things that a little boys cat does and I even printed a picture of Our cat it was so busy I did not get to read it but showed the picture to some of the kids..
Music class came next and well...madie was grumpy thru that ready to sleep she was..but we kinda wheeled her in her stroller as the other kids walked in a circle or had any movement play...that was cool I guess..but hard to do..I was about to just suggest that Madie sit that one out...
There are a few special needs kids in Madies class but madie is the most severe only cause she cant walk yet...but I tell ya its tricky to get some of those wandering little ones to focus..they are just taking in so much..never mind the teacher talking to them look at all the cool things in the room! I tell ya we take it one day at a time with hopes of madie walking some day and if she does oh gee...look out. we will have a silly girl on our hands..with lots of bumps and bruises!
They include her in EVERYTHING weather she is capable of doing it or not..
Madie had a 45 minute combined Speech and OT session where both therapists work with her in the OT room. This was so cool! :) They had a platform swing that one teacher sat with madie on and the other pushed the swing and played with her..ohhhh she laughed and laughed she loved swinging! She loves how she was able to get her shoes off and let her tootsies free hahaha Its also reminding me that we have one of those swings that bolts under the deck but we have no hardware to hang it! (note to self to harrass hubby)

They have tried the other swing which is more like a hangin sack per say...and she was not the biggiest fan of being squished and they did not get the reaction they did from the platform swing.
They then used the Z-vibe toy and moved it in her mouth and around her lips and let her hold it and bite it..she was amazing passing it hand to hand and getting a good chomp on the vibrating nubby tip..very cute.
I will bring in her Koosh Switch and her Jiggler toy every friday so she can use them with her therapys.. She does great on her tummy with the Koosh and I told them I would leave it there but they are too nervous that anyone will come in and want to borrow it and it will get lost.
Now I see madie each day but when I hear her therapists say that when they began back in October that she wasnt doing some of the things she does now...
I love therapys and it was so cool to watch what they do with her..its these things that will help madie someday enjoy and understand the other things that her classmates are doing someday we HOPE! :)

She has been pretty sleepy this morning I have a big hunch that she was up around 5 am and entertaining herself till I heard her making noise at 7..she just doesnt want to miss a thing or shes hungry and the fact that she refused her bottle before bed gets her up before she is ready cause she is hungry..thats my hunch.
Well a leasurly morning this AM. Hope everyone is well and having good weekend.
Ill be heading to dinner with the moms from madies class on Weds night armed with my 10 dollar coupon..Tell me again how popular I will become...LOL

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