Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkins and Banzel and Preschool meetings! Yup all in one!

Had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch yesterday picking out our oh so cute pumpkins:)! madie got so muddy after I put her in the middle of the pumpkins but I had a vision of getting her picture with the pretty orange pumpkins :)
It was a muddy place after our big rain storm on Friday but that did not stop us. We took a hayride to the small field that was just full of picked pumpkins up for grabs.
We like to support the local farms around here..there are so many shopping centers and grocery stores and sadly the farms are getting fewer and fewer...I mean how good can veggies from other countrys taste after traveling over seas etc etc...US baby! Homegrown! The yummiest!

Well we have been on the ol Banzel for almost 2 weeks and I already just dont like it...I dont see any improvements in her drops and jerks...they just keep on commin..I just know that when I call On Wed making 2 weeks that they will tell me to increase....INCREASE....oh like she is not sleepy enough! druggie eyed at times...I dunno if so much from Banzel but irt probably doesnt help the cause.

The past couple days she has been super irritable...this mama needs a night AWAY from this kid! winey winey teary teary ...woke this AM at 6am SCCCCRRRREEEAAAMING...It was still real dark outside..thank you winter season! and It felt like it was in the middle of the night. I fed her and medicated her adding a lil tylenol in the mix and we all fell back asleep in our bed...
I am not a huge fan of the co-sleeping I just dont want her to KNOW that she can come in my bed anytime....But then again I think Desperate times call for desperate measures...this kid was mad! We all managed to sleep till 9...whew.

On a good note...THIS KID has been EATING! she is HUNGRY! everything I have fed her to try she eats. baby food of course...but this is HUGE! Food?? YUP! Ok I will not brag too much but its been going well...we try 3 times a day...and If I can get all three jars down then that is great but usually 2 and 3 far.
Thinking of switching to the Depakote Sprinkes...ya think those would be better than the liquid stuff? how does that stuff work? sprinkles? hmmm dunno.. I figure if she is go good at eating her food she can get her banzel and her Depakine mixed with her food...
that above picture is her in the car happy with her lil pumpkin...hee hee

Today Hubby is outside mowing and raking leaves and I am listening to Madie cry in her crib for reasons I just give up on...I am sporting a two day headache already..
Tomorrow I get to go to my Phisicain and hear that my chollesterol is probably still high and that I am still too fat....but in my defense I just love food and cooking....:(
Then Tueday we head to The Preschool for Madies PPT meeting the BIG one...the GAME PLAN will be discussed and its also the last OT session EVER! I want to CRY! We have been with the Birth to Three since Madie was 11 months! CRAZY how all this time has gone by already!
Well I think Lil one is tuckered out I guess that is mty cue to get my day started...or just pass out someplace...
(((hugs Mamas))


blogzilly said...

Great pics.

I'm not a fan of co-sleeping either. I got kicked out of the master bedroom around 4.5 years ago and have slept alone in the guest room since. It's a HARD thing to break a kid of once you let them start sleeping in the big bed.

Holli said...

No co-sleeping here. Like you, only when I'm desperate!! During ACTH...and before the crib was padded. It made me a nervous wreck everytime he woke up that I'd swoop in and haul him to my bed. Glad those days are over!

I'm sorry you're not seeing much from the Banzel yet. Hope you see some good results soon!