Monday, February 9, 2009

Gettiing there...:)

Why do I have to call all these people myslef???!!
We are having a hard time getting Madisons Boost shakes and her DUOCAL.....Its been about 2 weeks since we have been trying to track this stuff down and get a prescription for it and get insurance to give us the GO...The woman at the Pediatrican says that the one place she tried doesnt carrry it....SO THEN CALL another dummyhead!!
We just increased her Depakote Thrusday night to 4ml.. MAN was she sleepy on friday...whew...It happens alot with each increase but we have to see good seizure free days...not just a month...!! We need lots of days! I am so anxious to get her off her other drugs! I just hate having her on this cocktail...its been a year of too many drugs...time to go with ONE....and risk the seizures...for her developments sake!! We saw no big seizures this weekend...I am still not content with her mood...think she is still wayyy to sleepy...on Saturday she just wanted to sit with me.. or just lay on the floor stunk! We still await for the form to go go get blood work done in about a week....ehhhh we shall see.
No bog plans for Valentines Day but if I get treated to something I will let ya is just so dang tight now....ugh. This Awesome place we used to go to closed!! I certainly miss their homemade ravilois....:(
Well Miss madie is day at a time....I guess I am unmotivated to type more..
Hugs mamas

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Holli said...

Sooooo dang excited to see the big girl sitting up!! What a sight! :-D

It's amazing how they give you instructions on what to feed her...yet it can't be found! You'd think they'd at least have better contacts to get this stuff!
Good luck...hope that gets going for you soon.
I know I haven't been commenting lately...but I've been checking in on Miss Madie...time's been so limited with no help around here. I'm always thinking you guys though!

Big HUGS!!!