Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not Much to report...:)

January 2007...Mamas little Chubbers!! we calleed her frogger! LOL

Madie and her seizures are just not getting along these days....gah. We juuuust increased her Depakote on Thurs night.....*sigh* dont know what to expect.

Thank you all for such great advice on feeding!! I know allll our kids have certain feeding issues and all the advice and things to try! great! I am going to make food ice so we can play around with some flavors and planning on just drenching her hands in food and see what have some pics..

Today however she is sleepy....we are cold! the house will not heat over 61...We placed a small space heater in Madie's room last night and gave her her warmest blankee...oh poor baby...kid was waking with freeeezing little feet! even in socks!! eeek!

SOOOooo aside from these temps reaching 6 below in some towns....we are all hangin in there...Hubby is at Home Depot buying "man toys" and madie making noises on her blanket...the cat stalks me for my warm chair....hahaha

Dont really have any news....See the feeding folks in 2 weeks and that is really it...have to give med increase a few more days...maybe a week or two.....

Ill be in touch

Hugs and Hugs


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Heather said...

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello.And what a little cutie you have.Madie is a doll and man,does it tick me off that another little love has to endure the world of seizures.As for your feeding issues ... seems like you have gotten some great input.Feeding issues and me are not friends.Luckily we have the g-tube fall back.Once hated it but now,thank goodness,especially with what she is going through now,thank goodness we have it.She'll get there.Promise.They all will.Unfortunately it's not within the time frames we have planned out but,they all will find their way.