Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year...

Happy New Year~
As we all try to recover from our hangovers I will share with you a few pics...:) Me and Hubby at party...yeah so we were the youngest people there and the music was pretty bad but food and Family was great... Madie's Uncle Andrew watched her while we were gone.
What a year it has say that this past year has not aged me 5 years would be an understatement for sure... Im pretty beat.
Madie has been doing real well with her seizures...we are upset to be brutally honest and tell you that she had a break thru seizure this AM...happy New years....back to seizures??? ugh.
I have left a message with the Nuero on call today and wait for the call back....*sigh* dunno folks..I just dont want the seizures to get real bad again...and they are creeping back....
Doesnt help that she is not feeling well...her rosey cheeks and her lack of appetite...can tell me one thing that she is teething her molars....

Madisons Auntie Jennica sent her a big box of great new clothes and this stuffed monkey....she was snoozing on the couch with all the blankets and he reached out to snuggle her new toy...ohhh that chapped little face,...I just dont know what to do....a warm bath and some cream on her cheeks is in order tonight for sure...sweetpea...
We have to go to Grandmas tonight for an early dinner and say bye to madie's Aunt Brenda who was visiting and is leaving on Sat....I am tired and not really in the mood but we see Aunt Brenda but twice a year! sooooo...
We ALllllllso head out to New Jersey tomorrow to see MY side of the family for the christmas party....whew.....and with madie just not herself....ugh..and mama TIRED...bedtime is early tonight I tell ya!
In other news...MORE SNOW In get all you southern folks jealous....I went out on my deck in my jammys and froze getting my
heres what thru the front windows looked like!! Brrrr!!
Yeah folks...I shoveled my entire driveway myself! I was awesome! It was cold and snowy! and I did it! hahaha

Behind me is to the left of our house what we call the swamp....all the black red winged birds come out in the summer and the chirper frogs go nuts in the spring! Our Grill cover blew off into there! hahaha its gross! We love it cause you cant build a house on it....only one neighboor on one side! Yesh I had just woken up....Im so glamorous!(new robe for xmas..:))
Keep Madie in your thoughts....ya know I was almost expecting them to come back....juuust like last she has been sleeping most of the day...its almost 4! with one bottle......:(
keep on truckin.

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Karen said...

You know when they are sick it lowers their threshold for them to have more seizures. This is what happened to Cami in Novemeber she got really sick and we saw those absence seizures. So hopefully thats all it was...Fingers crossed on this end for her!!!!!
Oh and Cami is doing well minus the whole bag of cheetos she ate last night that we didnt know about....well lets just say she paid for it but unfortunately for us it happened in our brand new bed that doesnt yet have a mattress cover on it yet.....UGghhhh so much for a $2,000 mattress. Guess its true what they say never buy anything new till your kids are grown.....LOL! Oh and send some of that snow anyday our way.