Monday, December 8, 2008


I can never get the pics in the right order!!

Well..We went and chopped our first real tree yesterday!! Good ol Cherry Brook Farm.:)

I was freezing! It was so cold! little madie was thrilled! she was being carried by dad in the top picture and she was squealing and smiling the whole way up up up the hilly muddy terrain that we realized we could not push the stroller up!

there goes our tree! ready to be bundled!
CMOM Miles! You cant carry it?? lol Nice tractor guy came and got if for us :)

Not quite done with lights and have to move big chair out of the way but there she is :P

Madie was so funny on the way there! with her little knit hat and her fleecy top she was ready! She is drooling up a storm! her nose is chapped and the cold outside made it even redder! it was sooo cute to capture this day! I just loooove christmas lights and our pretty tree!

In any Madie news...Well we continue to get little sleep as she wakes us eeevery night at various times...1130 maybe...2am maybe....430am never know...get this kid to sleep the night!! I just can't function! I felt like the 2am wake-up calls were so 2 months old!

she is far from upset mind you....and I dont dare go in there with fear of her getting upset at my presence and then me leaving her and not getting her

Even in the daytime I would think she would be exausted! 45 minute and or there...the time to shower, wash her morning bottle out, eat my cereal and maybe read my whole paper.....

Folks, no matter what time she goes down at night and no matter how late I delay feeding her her last bottle...she is up. Bright eyed and ready! I called the doctor and asked about it and they said maybe switch her Zonegran to nightime...OKAy when we did that she was getting 3 drugs at once at night and beginning to vomit! Maybe a stomach thing but my hunch was too much meds cause once we switched that drug to AM no more vomiting...which only happened at night..
WHO KNOWS! tell me that we can decrease the Clonopin and Ill go to nights but for stickin with what we got.
Instinct tells me she is just feeling much much better and seizures are very few...IF any in a day..I see weird twitches when she sleeps but still none while awake!! ohhh man!!
I tried some more solid food yesterday with not the results as last time using some pears...mayle Ill stick to the chicken noodle dinners....LOL...that may be a fan favorite. Who doesnt like "chicken mush" ?? I mix it in everything!!
JUST kidding.
Well I guess I just wanted to share our christmas tree hunt...posted all the pics on my facbook thingie but these were some of my favorites :) :)
Well I better go. Madie is wining up a storm in her bed...refusing to nap I gave her 30 minutes of quiet time in her bed...she pretty much hated it. but I needed a second.
HUgs mamas
Hope all is going well with everyone!!

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