Saturday, December 20, 2008


Weeee got pounded last night and its still comming down! I was shoveling a little last night with a tiney shovel....yeah...not the best idea for the back....
Curious Kitty Magic was meeeowing up a storm so I let her she is on the front porch steps debating the snow Here is our Deck in the back..there are two coolers left on the a good idea if the amount! eeek!
Whhhyyyy did I shovel last night?? LOL this is the veiw this AM in front...that is my car...LOL

And Madie. happy as a clam. :) just sharing some pics:)

Those raspberries and screams!! Oh man! she is so loud! I could not get her to sleep till 10 last night and she was up at 6 rise and shine....but SLEPT the whole time!!
Neuro Follow up on Monday...Ill keep you all posted.


Karen said...

Wow thats alot of snow compared to our little 3 inches. I wish we could get a good snow like that! We usually get one good one a year probably about 7 inches. But I bet yall get tired of it. Hope she continues on this sleep pattern that sounds much improved.

Haley Christian said...

Isn't the snow wonderful? It's snowing yet again ...

FYI, did you know that I'm married to one of your high school classmates? John Christian. :)

Janet said...

I am so very happy to hear about Madison's progress! I am Reagan's Grandma and I try to keep updated on all of Reagan's friends! I love Madison's beautiful photos and I am soooo jealous of the beautiful snow that you are having.
Please know that I am keeping only positive thoughts and prayers for Madie's continued seizure-free days....and months.....and years!!!
Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.....Sending love and blessings to your family....Janet(Reagan's Grandma)