Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sleep is for whimps!

LET ME JUST SHARE my evening..its 7am now as I type.....
Something has sprung to life in my child...she is just when I say awake I dont mean she is suddenly turning cartwheels on my hardwood floors but I mean NOT sleeping.....oh no, not waking in horrible moods or screaming or seizing up a storm.....
Happy noise....screams of delight....funny noises.."ahhhhhh...ohhhhhh.....(all with volume going uuuup and dowwwn) and huh huh huh" (huffy noise). and dont forget the "Bbbbbbbbvvvv" noise.
Okay while these noises were going on at 10pm.....and 3am.... I went in her room at 10 (big mistake) and covered her back up in her blankee that was balled up all to her side...and went downstairs and made a bottle to put by my bedside...well minutes later I go back in (I know I know) with my husband in a groggy voice "leave her!" and carry her in my room to try to feed her. She is not hungry. SO a few minutes later I bring her back in her bed and she settles. I go back to sleep
All the while smiling up a storm and squealing....which I have not heard that noise since we finally had her feeling better after her ACTH..
Well 3am comes we hear a loud noise like some old lady has fallen and cant get up..(lol I KNOW you know those commercials...)

So 3am I'll be damned if I am going back in there when she can see me! We stick it out for an hour or so and she quiets....
By 630 she is up again...crying this time for her shake breakfast. I seriously wonder if she got any more sleep after 3am??

BUT yesterday durring the day she was sleepy...doped on Zonegran...which at this point I am almost as excited to get he roff as the stupid clonopin...Which I have recived NO okays to continue weining...we are still at one "half of a half" milligram tab...does that make sense?...each tab is 1/2 mg.... okay. :)
Now the Zonegran DID cutt her seizures down alot! BUT she was still at about 1-3 big ones a day! which sadly was good! I think the docs are concerned that maybe the two drugs are working dunno.......IF Zonegran actually worked than would we be on Depakote?? eh? eh?
*sigh* "another blog"
I still worry about her physical development she is yet to stand or crawl or use her little arms to hold herself from falling...all in good time....
Well I guess I better go...I can hear Madie making noise in her bed..that was so short lived. I guess I am not going to catch up on any sleep eh?
Geared up as I ever will be for some turkey. I think I have already wished everyone a happy turkey about 2 times now...can u tell its my favorite??
Who's shoppin Black Friday?? Ohhh hellllll yeah! LOL

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Reagan Leigh said...

Reagan does this exact same thing. She'll be super alert...crazy alert. Eyes wide, making squealing noises...when it's time for bed! It seems to come and go. I think it MUST be medication related, but I can't pinpoint any sort of pattern. On a good note, it should pass...on a bad note, you probably won't get much sleep until it does!
Happy Thanksgiving!