Friday, November 14, 2008

A little laugh. for a change!!

I tell ya! This is our Cat her name is "Magic"...Magicals...Tripple Pounce Trouble and Magic Joesephine vanNoordennen...LOL I laughed so hard when I gave her a middle name!! hahaha

Magic's world came crashing down when our Human child was born...oh the attention she did NOT receive! Magic is about 8 years old now...she is a lover of stealing your warm seat when you get up...laying in your warm laundry and sunbasin.....I open my blinds for her each morning in my bedroom so she can lay in the she loves to escape into the yard outside and has even jumped the deck to get loose last summer!! it has to be...oh...15ft high or something..its small.

I remember when we rushed from the old Apt where these pics were taken to go to the hospital for nearly 3 days....leaving Magic all kinds of uncertain of what was to come... we left her with low food and low water...came home to her food knocked over and her going nuts thru the apt! I could not have felt worse!! She became a fresh kitty when the baby was born and still at times acts up racing thru the house...with much more running room! Now a days she is funny...when Madison is getting attention from both my Husband and I she comes mosey-toesy over and meows and wants to be pet...or when madie is in hysterics she comes over and rubs my leg and meows like she knows that madie is in distress....Once she even hissed at my father in law when he got to close to "that persons" room.....that is what we call madie to Magic....hahaha She what we call "tripple pounces" people who threaten her...if they come at her too fast she WILL bite your leg! Its crazy!

Otherwise a lazy bum...laying on the top of my chair in which I have placed the designated Magic Blanket...and watches out the window and out the window in the door..."scopin it out" Ready for slowpokes to come thru the door for her ticket to freedom....

Always comes back in about an

Just thought Id share about my other kid :) A break from the ol Seizure

Madie had a great day today as well....JUST getting rid of that morning Clonopin Dose...MAN so much more awake!! NOT used to that!! She finally ate more than 2 bottles and actually had stuff in her tummy f0r her evening meds.....which I want to blame for the vomiting after her HAD to be....

I would not know..>I did not hear from the Pediatrician at all.....I would think she would want to know that she is not eating well?? eh? Ohhh its gettin there...I just worry only cause I am desperate for her to gain weight!! gah!!
I only saw a couple funny small seizure while she was sleeping in my arms biggies...but I only say that after I get to sleep....
Hangin in there....thinking of ditching well....AM ditching the ol Tarje' right before it gets too busy...all in the name of enjoying my holidays....
mmmmmm Turkey.........."get your OH face on!"
Till next time. :)

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