Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Madies therapist gave us THIS...Its simply called a STANDER... Well the first time I put Madie in this thing she screamed! not wanting anything to do with it...It has been collecting dust in my guest room closet for a month now...till now.... Now just adjusting the feet part was a pain without making it look as if it would buckle her little ankles...after this pic her therapist helped me fix the foot things...but she is offically tall enough for it now...but little shoes are needed for her feet. I was shocked that her Birth to Three program actaully let us use this thing for runs I think between 2 and 5 grand!! (dont quote me on it) They say that this thing will help her "learn" to use her build her strenth and get her someday able to stand alone!
She did a whole 20 minutes in the stander without a fuss...than had a seizure ..... She bumped her head on the darn thing and now has a red mark near her eye...maybe leading to a black eye but we can only wait and see..her first seizure related injury..
The Nuero said from the 3 Videos I brought of Madie seizing that her seizures look to be Atonic seizures...loosing muscle tone when she seizes.. and PLOPing when she has them...I looked them up and sure makes sense... He said good thing is its not IS anymore...."well DUH" and with that knowlege we move forward.... I wanted to post pics of madie in her stander...we are going to begin doing this thing a few minutes each day......
I will keep you all posted on anything...I took some adorable pics of madie today..worthy of framing for Grandma!
*whew* Patience mamas.


Reagan Leigh said...

Reagan just got this same stander (although I admit we are yet to use it). It does have a neat tray that you can use with put toys and stuff on to try to keep her interest. I'd ask about the tray. Maybe that would help her stay in it longer.

Holli said...

Oh, wow...the STANDER! I would be a nervous wreck putting Austin in there! Since Austin's head always bangs forward, I always always notice stuff like that now!

I hope it does the job! Definitely let us know how it goes!