Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BM's and Oil changes...lol

Thats BEFORE MEDS....lol... She was only days old...still a little jaundice..but I wasnt worried at all...we called her "lil thinker" in this pic. October 06- look at the formula mustache!! LOL!
November going on Dec 06...what a porker! she ate soooo well...Breast feeding just was not flyin with this formula kid~
I want to say this is...April...07 We had a OK to start Rice Cereal...first I ever saw her grip someting and look at it...that lil pink spoon was the best!!
She was just beginning to smile...I was determined to catch it! lol... camera action was tricky..with messy food all over! the tiny crammed apt!!
Her Onsie says "I love Daddy" on it...I want to say...er....5-6 months here...we were a little concerned why she was not crawling but...allllways told she was moving at her own pace....
OH what a pork chop!
Well I thought Id share some comic relief....lol...
We are trying to get her on her nightime med schedule again...after messing it up on Sat night when she vomited her food and we gave her meds on Sunday morning..... she was pretty tired today...one bad bad seizure but the rest were smaller.... I took her to the bank(my sweet grandma sent me a 25 dollar check...lol) and to Childreans Place and got her some flair jeans and a couple of cute little fleecy tops....stress buster... It was nice to walk around the shopping center that is all outdoors...its all fancy shmancy with muzak playing and all!! they tore down a gorgeous golf course to build this thing! I cant afford much past Old Navy and Kholls but its nice to stroll thru..."SO J-Crew!!"
It was in the 60's today in CT...and us New Englanders welcome that first frost....The spiders were OUT of control this season (I will send Karen a pic of one of those bad boys....teasing her fear of spiders) they are big and brown and have big rear ends on them and make strong webs that snap when you tear em.....(insert chills)
I was at the Oil Change Place...(speaking of chills...) rymes with "iffy ube" LOL...
Well I was annoyed that the thing was going to cost almost 40 bucks...but it was eaither drive to Hartford where I bought my car with madie in tow and wait forever or just go to Bristol "iffy ube" and get er done..
I mentioned to the guy to check my air filter...there has been a HORid stench coming thru my vents...for 2 weeks now!!
He went on to say "no worry maim that is part of our signature service"
Oh...Ok....So I get out with madie and go in the tire smelling waiting room...
The guy comes in and is like "Oh boy Oh Boy! I An't never seen anything like that! They was like little FETUSES in yo air filter maim"
Fetus?? eh?? did he just say Fetus??
Apparently some animal I am guessing chipmunk or mole had made a nest ON my air filter and of course the darn things were charred to death ( I did not SEE them, he removed then before showing me the nest)
Awwwww I was ready to vomit..... The smell that possessed my car was indescribable...and to learn that it was ANIMALS......(insert more chiills here)
So the guy proceeded to rip me off charging me 40 bucks for an Air filter and telling me he was cutting me a 10 dollar off break....yeah.......
Awe I dunno...done is done...
Shoot! I have dinner in the oven! doh!
Hugs for now mamas...have a glass of wine and take a load off.....

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Karen said...

Acckkkk.....so glad you didnt send me the spider pics. I would have had nightmares for weeks...LOL! I hate hate hate spiders and thankfully havent seen a one in the house this year, but I have seen plenty on our camping trips to make me shiver.....Gaaaaaa! Shiver up the spine.
And oh my gosh how freaky a dead fried animal I bet that was stinky....good lord! Oh the things we could do without.