Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Kid in a little tub...

NOW does anyone have a kid bigger than mine who is getting really big for the baby tubby??? well you heard it here first folks.
This is bathtime tonight...
I have heard to maybe put the bumbo in the tub as the big tub that is...She cant sit!!
I actually have pics at 10 months and last april where she CAN the ballance is gone...Im confused... but its the only ability that she has gained and lost like 2 times!

Oh it was a morning....madie was bombed with seizures and slept allll morning...she is now however a happy claim hanging out on mama's pillows and yelling happy
I took madie to the craft store in town and decided I needed some fun hobby stuff...beads and such...well I am in the bead asile and everything is SOOOO stroller accessable... gah! there was a ladder in the middle of the to get to the other side I had to go around to the other asile and come back in the oppostte side...but anyhooo... I spilled beads alllll over the floor as I was sniffing my way thru the Oh you betcha I!
I did get some unique ones that I am planning a new creation in a long time.. That my friends was the highlight...Madison just slept alot of the day so I was eaither on the computer or I was doing stupid laundry...I spilled my OJ all over my bed and had to wash the duvet...DOH.
I called madie's Neuro today asking them if i should loose faith in the B6 at this point...due to her seizures today...they tell me to give it 2-3 weeks and if she is still seizing than yeah..loose faith..but NOT yet they say... When I say "they" I mean the NEVER get to talk to the Neuro himself...he's like a celebrity that you literally PAY to see and talk to..."not without a co-pay are you going behind the curtain miss" lol...
So the nurses say that I need to give the vitamin some time...I am not optimistic of this...but I will see...Its worth any shot eh?
Its been a tiresome day...I have been kinda bla....I was up at 6:12 to be exact and have not had any shut eye since...hopefully when goober here goes to bed I can sit and relax...
Oh no, then there is dinner huh?? Anyone know a nice chef who can come and cook for me...??


JSmith5780 said...

to make your life MUCH easier, they can do IV B6 during an EEG. If Madie is going to respond to the B6 at all, it will be immediately apparent by a change to the EEG.

Of course I didn't know this until AFTER we had tried B6 too.

Jen mom to Austin

Karen said...

I'm way behind here so I've got to catchup! SO bare with me if I leave a comment and you have already covered it. But as far as the B-6 goes if its gonna work it probably would have by now. I hate when the Drs push for more time and more time, a few weeks on it is plenty. We tried it with Cami for about 3 weeks from start to finish and then it was out since it didnt work. Our Dr told us we would see results pretty quick. Then of course like Jen we didnt find out about the IV B-6 till later....ugghhh would have been so much easier.