Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"madies Potion"

Does anyone have as big of a feeding issue as I do?? This is Madie today..thumb locked in mouth and well...I put the spoon in her hand for cuteness but she is far from eating with it by herself..let alone eating solid foods avidly... She holds her shirt like its her blankee and just refuses to eat.
When she was...oh...5-6 mo the Pediatrician told me to go ahead and try some rice cereal and begin to intro more as I go..I was excited to say bye to formula! I had been going back and forth from Enfamil to Target brand dependig on if I had a good coupon that week...

I have been trying foods on and off for awhile and sadly its become more of a waste of expensive baby foods than anything.. I credit two weeks durring her ACTH that she was literally wolfing anything I would feed her!
Since beginning her B6 a few days ago its been recomended that she take the vitamin with something solid so it gives me a good excuse to try food once a day...Alot of people tell me to just let her be hungry and that eventually she will realize that food is her only being the hardass I am have been unsucessfull with that one.."we are the poster family for next step formula" Its sad...
What am I supposed to do when she is 2 next month? cut her compleatly to Milk and food?? She is a horrible eater...
My husband and I call her bottles "potion" cause we have been mixing bottles for sooo long and the stuff is really like
I of course blame her seizures for her lack of eating..I know she can suck and I know she had the ability to swallow her the chewing I dont think she knows what to do with chunks of food..she gags horribly..
I duuno folks...gah!!
Today Madie had ONE seizure!! juuust one! now that I have said that of course Ill see another right? I feel as if we are sooooo close!! Will she outgrow this?? Will we have to try "another drug coctail"?? Does it have an end? Well her Neuro says it does but then most kids develop a NEW type of seizure...There are many types unbeknown to me but a seizure is a seizure buddy!
I guess that is all from me..just wanted to post those pics...lil one is upset for her "potion"


Karen said...

Hey and welcome to Blogger world! Just reading up on her story more here. About her eating its probably just a faze thing but dont rule anything out because it can be many of things. Does she see a feeding OT? If not that should be started soon. Cami had to for a long time because she refused foods. This was at 9-10 months of age and she still has issues. Hers turned out being food aversions and now has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Issues she doesnt like things touching her hands or the feel of it in her mouth resulting in a very picky eater! Just play around with some foods. Which I'm sure you have. They gave Cami yogurt with those baby stick cookies and she would dip it and lick it. Also helped with hand coordinations. The only thing she will eat right now are cheese hotdogs, popcorn chicken and smiley tators and her fav is chips!!! These things are a stretch time too sometimes I cant get her to touch them it just depends on her mood.....ugghhh....right! As if we dont have enough problems. But like said just put different stuff in front of her and let her play in it this really helped Cami!!! Might also see if you cant get her in with a G.I. Dr. to check her belly and throat and such just to rule things out. Could just be too that she just isnt mentally at that stage yet but she will get there.

Talk to you soon!

Karen(Cami's mom)

baby trevor's mommy said...

Eating issues were the first *red flag* of Trevy's IS. He had been eating cereal at 6 mos...and then suddenly wouldn't eat anything. And would nibble on his bottles. Of course then I thought he was teething. And then the spasms came...and ACTH made him hungry...and he really didn't have any issues after. Although I've heard from many many parents whose children continue to have feeding issues. Sometimes it's sensory? At any thoughts are with you as you help her discover new yummy-ness!


Holli said...

Austin doesn't care too much for his solids either. Never had a problem until after the ACTH wean. I did notice he never accepted textures very well though from the get-go. He would stick his hand in his mouth and just whine. Then he started the gagging...then **UGH** the vomiting! I stay away from the textures unless his OT is doing it! We stick to Stage 2 -which he could take it or leave it...I still try though!