Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Quick Rant

Today was the ONE triumphant day that Madie was UP and ready to get on her bus ON TIME!!

And No bus driver was available..... yes NO bus driver was available.... FACK!!

If you read my last post all is still the same... Dad hates me right now and well..... I'm taking  the hit and not letting it get me down. I am not going to deal with anymore attorneys its ALL done with...  Anything else that needs to be talked about can be talked about between the two of us.... Its up to him!

I have seriously lost my best friend... its how it feels... and I  have mourned that loss a lot in the last 4 years but this time it just feels different. A new step in my life... a new GUTSY step...
I don't feel bad for what I have done.... I feel stronger and I feel CALM. I lost sleep over Money and I woke in the night over Money... I am SO done doing that!!! I need to live.. I need to be rested and calm... not asking my doctor for a increase in the Paxil.
I know he is mad at me and who knows what he is saying about me..... Maybe nothing maybe everything.... But WELCOME to the life he chose.
I hope that we can come to a place again.... Or heck if we are both single and 70...CMON! lets do this!! Can we at least die with a sex life?? I am pretty destined to be single forever.... and at times I accept it but at times it breaks me down...But Eh.... such is life I guess
I'm really sorry for the rant....
I feel like everything will be Ok...
Its a calm. I laid my head down last night and I just fell asleep.. I was tired and I was able to just clear my head...
I only did all this cause I had too...Not because I hated him or some kind of revenge...(coulda done that when Horse Face came along) But because I had too.

And well...with that said. Lets hope for a seizure free night and that I don't burn dinner.

Peace Out Homeslices.

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